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Bummis Bamboozle (Bamboo) Fitted Diaper - Size Large (10-35lbs)

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Not in love with the Bamboozle


I bought two Bamboozles because they were actually rated pretty well, and I was looking for an abosorant natural fiber.  I will say this: when they first arrive, they are SUPER squishy and soft.  However, as is the nature with bamboo, the softness and silkiness fades with each wash. Now, I will say that I tend to have heavy wetters, but I did not find these diapers to be absorbant at all- she would be SOAKED in an hour.  Which is fine if we are home and she is awake, however to use this for naps, bedtimes or outings just would not work. They fit OK, not terrific.  The snaps were easy to use but I felt like they were really high on the waist, and even with the leg elastic I thought the chance of a leak was pretty high.  I resold these diapers quickly and just took a loss on them because there are so many better brands of diapers out there, with better absorbancy.  Especially considering the cost of these, they are not cheap!

Fremont, NE


Can we say soft!


I really wanted to try a more natural diaper made from a renewable resource and had heard about bamboo.  I looked at a lot of bamboo diaper and fount that they could be exspensive.  After looking some more I found these.  I decided to give them a try and see how it went.  Well when I got them in the mail and could not stop feeling them. They were so soft.  I washed them and started using them. Not only were they soft but they were equally absorbant!!! And to top it all off my babies but did not break out!  All of this together really made for a happy baby and happy mommy!  I have the ones with velcro closure and have always prefered that to snaps.  I forgot to mention they washed so wonderfully everything came out of them and with each wash they only seem to get softer and softer and softer.  The velcro has held up well and the extra pad on the inside makes for a really absorbant diaper! I would really try these!

New Bern, NC


Bummis Bamboozle (Bamboo) Fitted Diaper - Size Large (10-35lbs)

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