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Bumble bee
Bumble bee Premium Albacore Tuna in Water

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Consume at your own RISK!


I've bought Bumble Bee tuna for many years but I think the company no longer has any quality control, the color isn't even close to looking white and it's starting to smell more like canned cat food. The most recent event of almost choking on a fish bone was the last straw as I will be switching to Starkist. The company did not answer any of my emails either....



This is by far the best tuna


This tuna is fantastic. The white chunks are far more flavorful than regular tunas. I cook with tuna and make tuna noodle alfredo dishes, but this tuna is so good that I want to savor it on its own. I usually add mayonnaise to tuna, but I skip it here because this tuna is too good for that. Sauces are great for masking less pleasant tastes, but here, the tuna is too tasty to mask. As soon as I open the can, I want to chow down on it because the aroma is so inviting, and my cats run in from the other room, and they love this tuna. This says a lot because my cats are very particular.



Favorite brand


I love this brand because in my opinion its a higher quality than the others. I dont like when I open the other brands and they have pieces of dark or inky colored meat. Eww...it just doesnt look appetizing. Bumble Bee has always been a great choice for me and my family.



Protein-packed and packaged perfectly


Just added some onions, cucumbers, and mayo to one pouch of this solid tuna that mixes better than canned and has virtually no fishy smell. 16 grams of protein and on some hearty bread this is actually the heart and soul of a lunchtime Sammy. It's a little more expensive but whe you do the math it adds up to a delicious meal.

Brooklyn, NY


A nice treat now and then, but ...


A few weeks ago I found a rare catch ... a sale on *Bumble Bee Premium Albacore Tuna* *in Water* (pouch pack).  I usually stick to certain brands of chunk light tuna because it is more economic and also safer to eat (according to the experts).  I mention this to show that -- when it comes to albacore tuna -- I don't have much basis for comparison.  I thought that *Bumble Bee Premium Albacore Tuna in Water* was delicious but actually **no better than chunk light tuna.** **STATS:** The contents of a 3-oz. pouch is considered to be a single serving containing 90 calories with 10 calories from fat.  There are one and a half grams total fat, zero each saturated and trans fat, 40 mg. cholesterol, 380 mg. sodium, zero each total carbs, dietary fiber and sugars, and 19 grams protein.  Vitamins and minerals include: 30% (D.V.) Niacin, 15% Vitamin B-12, and 10% Vitamin B-6 and Phosphorus.  **TASTE TIP:** I enjoyed my *Bumble Bee Premium Albacore Tuna* sprinkled with a little lemon juice and coarse black pepper, along with a hard-boiled egg, small fresh tomato and slice of whole grain toast.  I probably would recommend this to a friend with reservations.  As for myself, I will stick to the safer, more economical, and just as tasty chunk light tuna in the future and that's the course which I would recommend the most.  

Oak Park, IL


Bumble bee Premium Albacore Tuna in Water

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