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BullFrog Hottub

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Our bullfrog spa takes the kinks out of my overexercised muscles


When my husband said he wanted to buy a hot tub, I thought he was crazy. I was in the middle of working on my doctorate. Needless to say, I was extremely busy and did not have time to go looking at hot tubs. After many weeks of looking, he finally decided on the Bullfrog brand. Now he had to decide how many seats, what kind of jet packs, and most important to me-what color! I finally made time in a very busy schedule to drive 45 minutes away to the Bullfrog spa story. He told me to pack my bathing suit as we could actually try the spas out. As my graduate program was an online one, I spent many hours on the computer, adding to my very stiff and tingly neck and arms. One step into the warm waters of the Bullfrog spa and I was convinced. We tried out many different jet packs and seating arrangements. I picked out my favorite jet pack that felt like many talented hands soothing out every part of your back. My husband chose the rest of the jet packs for the four remaining seats. We have certainly got our money's worth out of the Bullfrog spa. Not only do we use it for soothing our aching muscles, but also as a social activity with our family and friends. The Bullfrog spa was money well spent.

Lilburn, GA


BullFrog Hottub

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