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Bulleit Bourbon

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A Very Good Bourbon!


This is a very good bourbon whiskey that has a distinctive flavor, along side of other bourbons in this class. I prefer it over Jack Daniels. On the rocks or with cola or 7 it has a great finish. The bottle did not have much flair but, who needs it when the whiskey is good?

Cincinnati, OH


This bourbon stands up to more expensive and well known brands.


 Having had the unique opportunity of dinner with the founder of Bulleit Bourbon, I am perhaps a little biased.  However, I found Bulleit to be as smooth and full bodied as older bourbons. This company is only 20 years old so it's not like there's a 23 year old Bulleit available yet. I would compare it to Woodford Reserve. Not noly does it drink well straight or on the rocks, but it also cooks well as a sauce for Pork Chops and Apple Pie alike. Good stuff Maynard!

Indianapolis, IN


Best sipping Bourbon ever.


This Bourbon rocks.  It totally beat Knob Creek in a blind taste test of my own devising.  Do not mix this with coke.  Ever.  If you do, I will personally hunt you down and strangle you.  In fact, don't mix it with anything apart from two or three cubes of ice.  If you want a whiskey and coke, go and find some Jim Beam, or Wild Turkey, or something.  Seriously. Here's how to drink Bulleitt:1. Put 2 or 3 ice cubes in a rocks glass.2. Pour Bourbon over ice.3. Swirl to en-colden.4. Sip slowly, over at least 20 minutes. The end.

Chicago, IL


Bulleit Bourbon

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