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BullFrog Quik Gel Sport Sunblock Spray SPF 36

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Product will work for just about everyone, I would think.


I have used this product with somewhat success. I am fair and thin skinned. I have found that this keeps me from blistering, however, I will still get red. I don't get totally burned though and don't feel sore from the redness I do get. I still buy this product though because it seems to be the only one that has given me this much protection. I think I will try the spray on though because it would be easier to apply.

Jacksonville, FL


Sunscreen for all day protection!!


My husband needs a good sunscreen because he is very fair complected. He burns more often than not so it is imperative that we have a sunscreen that will protect his skin. I rarely burn, most probably because of my native Indian heritage but I like to have the protection of a sunscreen as well. Bullfrog takes care of our skin care needs very effectively. It is a gel, easy to apply. I am not extremely fond of the smell, but it is tolerable. This sunscreen is waterproof and sweatproof. My husband applies this sunscreen when he plans to be out in the yard for a long period of time. We use this sunscreen on our grandchildren as well. We want to ensure that their little skins do not burn while they are out swimming or playing in the yard. It is great that it does not wash off so we don't have to keep applying it. Bullfrog makes sunblock with higher ratings as well as this one. I recommend this gel as an effective way to help prevent sunburn.

SmallTown, TX


Forget Bullfrog sunscreen is you have "sensitive skin".


I used Bullfrog Waterproof SPF 15 *once***.** I have **sensitive skin** and it made my face hurt and feel like it was burned in only a few hours. I actually* looked* sunburned after I washed it off. My face hurt for days after just like as if I had a sunburn. The Pharmacist told me that it was too strong for my sensitive skin and suggested I never use it again. I took his suggestion, and have ever since then read to make sure the sunscreen I buy says gentle formula or -for sensitive skin-. I will never use Bullfrog again.

In The Mountains, CA


Bullfrog is the best for your buck!


I have tried other products and I always come back to the BullFrog brand products for Sunscreen for my family. It has proved itself time and time again as the product to be trusted while out enjoying the summer sun. I can count on this product to protect my childrens young skin as well as my own. Once you apply it, you can trust that when you get home after enjoying your day, that you won't be all sunburned unexpectedly. Many products on the market don't stand the test and this one does. Kudos to works and you can count on it! Just make sure you don't miss a spot...You can end up with a little red spot if you don't apply it all just be thorough during application. Happy sunning with bullfrog!

El Dorado Hills, CA


bullfrog products work great!!


I would reckamend this product to anyone and do!!I have used Bullfrog products for years.I like it for a lot of reasons.Like,the fact that it is sweat proof so when I am woking in the yard and  round about I don't get sun burnt.We have a pool and grandchildern that are under five years old .The gandkids love to get in the pool so for them being water proof is a must.If they stay in over two hours I reapply ,don't have to but I like to.It doesn't leave a greasey film on top of the water.Alot of stuff does and it is nasty.My husband has a bald spot so he uses it on his head.He also has sensative skin but he can use it on his face and back and noy brake out.It doesn't have a stronge some like some products.That is a big plus when you are putting it on your face.Plus it does not irratate your eyes.As long as you don't get it in your eyes.The best part of bullfrog is that alittle goes a long way.I have one bottle that we have been useing for about two or three years.If you have not tryed bullfrog products you should!!

Corinth, MS


Love this stuff!


OK- I'm a mom who has unbelievably fair skin and so does my son.  I should also note that I'm totall OCD about greasy stuff on my hands.  Bulllfrog not only totally protects me and my son, but doesn't leave me so freaked out about the stuff on my hands that we have to leave the pool any way.  It goes on evenly and protects really well even with out rubbing it in very well!  

Kennesaw, GA


BullFrog Quik Gel Sport Sunblock Spray SPF 36

4.3 6