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Bugaboo Bee Stroller

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Not worth the money


I was unimpressed with this Bugaboo Bee Stroller. It really bummed me out because I thought it was such an adorable stroller. I loved the shade of pink it came in! I found a good deal and decide to go for it. I assumed that if a stroller cost as much as the Bugaboo Bee that it would have to function well. I also assumed that if there was a problem, the company that made it would stand behind their product. Unfortunately I was mistaken, on both accounts. The problems started from the first month I used this stroller. It would get stuck and I would have to get my husband to come and unfold it all the way. This was incredibly inconvenient since most of the time when I need a stroller my husband is at work. After 6 months the stroller broke and when I contacted the manufacturer I was given the run around and nothing was ever resolved. I ended up tossing this stroller in the garbage and having to buy a new brand. Obviously I was not happy about tossing that much money away. Design Beautiful stroller, but not functional.


Southfield, MI


Great city stroller


We love this stroller. We have had it since my now two and a half year old was born. We live in New York City and so we needed a stroller that was small enough to take down a crowded and narrow grocery store aisle but durable enough to be used for long walks multiple times per day in heat, rain and snow. We are very happy with how it has held up. I especially love how the fabric seat, canopy and straps are washing machine safe. I only wish they made a double stroller that wasn't side by side or I'd buy another when we have another baby. Safety The harness straps are adjustable and washable and my son has never been able to unlock the straps, unlike my friends' experiences with other strollers. Child Comfort My son loves riding in the stroller and never complains about being uncomfortable. Maneuverability Its small width is great for compact spaces like a check out line. Durability We have had to replace one wheel, the top canopy is a good place to throw a milk sippy cup but if it leaks it is hard to get out in the wash.




A stylish stroller with many nice features


The stroller has a learning curve to get used to, but once you learn how to use it properly it is very quick to open and close and. Design The Bugaboo is a lovely object to look at, and a nicely functioning stroller too. The canopy is cute, and there are many optional accessories you can buy (though they are not cheap!) Safety The build quality and design of this stroller is excellent, and I never have any worries about the safety of my baby. You should be sure to use the harness/straps at all times if your child likes to wiggle off and escape. Child Comfort Our first daughter user this stroller since she was about 6 months old and now she is almost 2 and a half. The recline function is very nice, and the shocks give the baby a very smooth ride. Maneuverability This stroller is very fast to move around and we have used ours in busy and crowded places like train stations and airports without any trouble, Durability The black plastic used on this stroller scratches easily, which is the one negative aspect about this stroller. The plastic underneath the seat seems to get scratches from friction and opening and closing.




a true one handed push, the Bugaboo Bee, what i really needed


The idea that Bugaboos fold in two pieces always turned me off of Bugaboo.  But when a great deal on a Bugaboo Bee popped up I couldn't resist asking questions.  I quickly learned that it not only folds in one piece but it has a reversible seat too so I snatched it up.  There are two situational descriptions that really paint a picture of how great this stroller is better than any review I can do.  First is me at the mall, as usual, with 3 kids under 5.  I attach the Buggy Board (sold seperately) to the back of the Bee.  I reverse the seat.  Now I am able to easily, one handedly push and steer my 28 lb two year old in the stroller seat AND my 40 lb four year old on the Buggy Board WHILE wearing my 20 lb infant AND carrying a cup of Starbucks.  Now if that isn't ease of use I am not sure what is.  Oh, how about being able to lower the handle so much that my four year old can easily push my 28 lber around.  Not only can he easily push but he can seamlessly steer it, not getting stuck or even slowing down for the turns (or crashing into anyone). This stroller features a nice basket, though it is more easily accessed from the front, which is behind your toddlers feet if facing the world.  A huge, removable canopy blocks everything you want it to.  A four position reclining, reversible seat takes some getting used to to reverse but once you do it isn't too hard.  There is no legrest but the seat bottom does adjust.  The handle is adjustable.  The stroller easily folds in either position though I find it slightly more compact facing the world.  It easily opens too.  Previous reviewers complained that it sometimes doesn't open all the way.  I sprayed it with silicone spray and haven't had a single issue since. This stroller doesn't have many bells or whistles but of course you can buy those seperately.  That said I still feel the reversible seat in a stroller this size as well as the incredible push make it well worth trying.


Lexington, SC


The Bee--a great mid-size stroller option


If you're anything like me, when you're expecting your first child, you want to buy good stuff the first time around. When shopping for strollers, we looked at online reviews and went into stores and tried them out ourselves. We settled on the Bugaboo Bee and while it's not perfect, it was a great purchase for us. I love that the Bee is one piece. Other Bugaboo strollers had two pieces and would require assembly, not what I wanted to do each time I needed the stroller. I pull it out of the trunk, place my foot on the brake, push down, and it locks into place. (It doesn't always lock, but that's because I don't always pull hard enough. But I'm petite and not very strong!) I strap my son in and we're on our way. I also love that you could purchase a car seat frame and snap it in when our son was small. Another great feature is that the seat could be rear-facing or forward-facing. When the seat was rear-facing, it did require that you take it out each time, but that was worth the extra step to see our little one. The stroller is also light-weight. For us, it's a great compromise between a full-size stroller and an umbrella stroller. It's more compact than a full-size, but heavier and wider than an umbrella stroller. It does offer all the features of a full-size stroller--reclining back, large sun shade, carseat frame, and a large basket for storage--but has amazing handling. You can make the wheels stationary or turning, and this is a must for navigating small stores and cramped spaces. I was also glad that it came in solid colors--no need to worry about a print that will be dated in no time. It is an expensive stroller. We had the luck of having credit card points to use toward the purchase of our stroller, so we don't think about the cost that much. Would I buy it again? Probably not since I wouldn't want to pay that much. There are days that I wish we had a small stroller, but that's only when we're headed out of town and we're trying to fit the pack-and-play, golf clubs, and the stroller in the trunk along with our bags.




Bugaboo Bee Stroller

3.8 5