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Bug Geta Snail and Slug Pellets

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Ortho Bugetta kills slugs dead!


I live in the south, and everyone here knows how damaging slugs can be to flowers and vegetables.  I have heard a lot of different advice on controlling these voracious pests, but for my money, nothing works better than Ortho's Bugetta slug pellets.  Just spread them around flower beds, or along the borders of vegetable gardens, and the results are there in the morning to plainly be seen:  slugs writhing in agony and in their death throes!  Such an effective product, so easy to use, I can't understand why anyone would use anything else.  I also have pets, and had some concerns over their safety, as the product does resemble kibble.  But no worries there, my pets totally ignore the stuff, and the only thing in my yard it seems to attract are snails and slugs.  The pellets hold up fairly well in light to moderate rain, and can remain effective for up to about a week.  This is a really great product, if you have snails or slugs you should try it today!

Hixson, TN


Bug Geta Snail and Slug Pellets

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