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Buffalo Technology AirStation Router (WHRHPG54)

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Good buffalo wireless router for the price


Buffalo makes a great wireless router, this is a simple to setup router to use with any broadband setup. This model comes with a high gain antenna and is compatible with b and g networks. WHen I used this router in our small apartment, i got a strong signal everywhere. Now that it is being used in the office for a secondary network, it still works very well, but has problems penetrating the walls.   This unit has an easy to setup onboard system, with passwords and network security easily interchangeable. currently we have it setup as with WPA security, but at home we had it setup with MAC address identification, which allows me to control user access from the router itself. The router even comes with a wall mount, if you like to keep your router in a high place, as the signal umbrella's down. At one point, i attempted to use a netgear A/B/G/N router to replace this one, as it claimed faster speeds. THe netgear router was easily recognized by my thinkpad, but my friend's macbook would not find the wireless network. Buffalo is great for all computer types, i recommend it


San Diego, CA


Stick with a bigger name in routers


the buffalo air-staion is extremely easy to set up, but lacks many advanced power user settings that I wish I had still.I am unable to block porn sites or any other websites I do not want on my network, Wireless is alot slower than I would like, and has alot less options for security than what I would like to have.all in all, I should have stayed with netgear


Rock Falls, IL


excellent. get this


Get this router.  Excellent range.  I've had it for 4+ yrs.  I bought this before buffalo got sued and wasn't allowed to see in the USA anymore.  Recently though they finally start selling again.  Incredibly reliable.  Might have to buy a new one since I've dropped it recently. Pros:  Get dd-wrt on this thing and you can do anything you want.  Good port forwarding.  Good reliability.  My second story house gets great reception everywhere.  I can walk around the house with my laptop.  Didn't have to reset the router.  I plugs right into the modem and works well.  The wireless was easy to set up.  Lots of options for encryption. Cons: None that I can think of.  It is only wireless G but I don't mind it.  I have no need for wireless N so far.  The internet bandwidth won't surpass the maximum allowed rate anyways. Summary: buy this if you ever need a router.  get dd-wrt the first chance you get.  you won't need to buy a router for your house again :D


Rancho Cucamonga, CA


Buffalo wireless G airstation router rocks!


A couple of years ago my D-Link router failed on me suddenly without any sign, after a lot of reading and research I decided to get this Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 wireless router, and the Buffalo rocks! The buffalo is so good that I decided to get a second one to build a bridge for another room in my house. Buffalo is very nice to put up a thorough step-by-step instructions on how to build a bridge so it's a no brainer for people like me that don't know much about communication proctocols. The signal level in buffalo is so strong that I never get a dropped signal in about 4 years since I bought them. Occasionally I have to do a manual reset the routers because of the issues with my DSL modem, but it's relatively little hassle because I recorded all the initilization steps in my PC. It's also said that this model is compatible with many open source firmwares such as DD-WRT, Tomato, or OpenWRT, but I never felt there is a need to do so because the factory firmware is simple and easy to use. People have raved about the Linksys WRT54GL as a top-notch wireless router, I have never used it so can't comment on which one is better. This is a great product, which may be a bit obsolete now because the new "N" protocol, but it's robust, easy to use and the bandwidth fits my need perfectly. The only complaint is that in the bridge mode, the only allowed encryption option is WEP, which is not safe anymore nowadays. It would be nice to allow safer mode such as WPA-PSK in the bridge mode.


Mountain View, CA


Wow, finally a router that is stable


I have used every router brand that exists and until I found Buffalo I had many issues.  Once I found Buffalo our random issues have all but disappeard.  If you want a stable router with the best possible range that exists get the whr-hp-g54.  You can even add multiple routers to extend the network.  Just awesome.


West Hartford, CT


Performs. 'Nuff said.


I was clueless when it came to installing a wireless network at home, but I bit the bullet and broke down and bought one.  This one got good reviews and the price was right.  Listen.  I have heard many horror stories from coworkers about installing wireless and I don't get it. This product worked immediately and without any problems.  I am not a complete numbskull, but I was feeling very apprehensive about this project.  The product manual is basically non-existent and useless.  Fortunately, I am not easily intimidated.  I hooked it up, plopped the software in, and zip zoom...look who is using air, baby.  I felt like a genius.  If I said it was done in a half hour, I would be exaggerating.  It's been a couple years and still no worries.  I have switched pc's, and you guessed it, I am still a genius problems.  I have even been able to fuddle my way through connecting a lan fax machine.  I am really getting a big head now!  Get it.


Lake Worth, FL


Buffalo Technology AirStation Router (WHRHPG54)

4.1 7