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Budget Auto Sales - Appleton, WI

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A car dealer that leaves you wondering in a positive way.


With all the mess with the loans going on in the U.S. today my husband and I didn't want to deal with that so in need of a car that ran and was reliable we thought we would check out a few places around where we live to see what they had.  We went to one and as you know dealers can be very pushy and then some. The guy annoyed me so we moved on to another dealership (I so dislike car dealers).  At that point my guard was really up and wasn't going to take it any more.  I knew we weren't going to get a prized car and wasn't holding my breath on finding something real nice and we would be stuck with the way it was rust and all.  We hit **Budget Auto Sales** in Appleton, WI and we told her our price range (a car to get to work and back was all I was looking for)...She was cute and got all excited on a car that she thought was perfect for me.  I was surprised that they have been around for 30 years in our area. Erin didn't have the same approach as all the other dealerships had (A very down to earth woman who works and owns this dealership together).  We took the car out for a drive, had a little rust and needed shocks, had a little dent and she side if we took it as is it was ours (shocks would be fixed).  (hang on it gets better) I will show you the difference. We traded in our near dead Saturn and Erin's husband Gordy heard me say it would be nice to get rid of our old van that hasn't ran in years and I have been nagging someone to get rid of it.  He asked how much we wanted for the van...Bob and I both said it was his if he picked it up. WHOOOOOOOOOOWAHHHHH that puppy was gone too. I got my garage back. I was told my new/used car would be ready Monday night (they were putting the new shocks on) and we went to pick it up they cut out the rust spots and went to town fixing them up (couldn't tell there were a rust issue) repainted and blended perfect,  The dent was fixed and Gordy is getting me some new hub caps too.  Talk about going above and beyond.  Most places will just fix what they say they will and that is it.  (this car was only around $2700). If I have any issue they said just come back and they will fix it. HUH? I never got that from a regular dealership.  They might sell used buget cars, but their first and foremost deal is to make their customers come first and to be happy.  Gordy tells me that most of his business is repeat business and I can believe that.  Will we buy another car there? OH heck yeah! This is a 1998 Ford Taurus that we purchased. It runs like a dream! I was very impressed at the way we were treated, how they made sure the car was to my liking, safe, and happy I got rid of that old non running van that ended up as a hotel for mice in the winter. Now a days it is hard to good customer service and people that stand behind their product and **Budget Auto Sales** goes above and beyond! If you have a car you want to sell take it on over to Budget and they will sell it for you or they will buy your used car or truck. **Budget Auto Sales**- **1410 West Wisconsin Avenue** **Appleton, Wisconsin  54914**  


Appleton, WI


Budget Auto Sales - Appleton, WI

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