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Buckley's Cough Mixture

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It Tastes Bad But it Works


I didn't grow up with Buckleys. My Mom knew she would never force it down my fussy throat so I likely coughed alot mroe than necessary when I was younger. As an adult, I kept hearing from those around me how well Buckleys worked. just like the commercials those recommendations came tih a warning......... "It tastes BAD. REALLY BAD". Taste aside I needed a cough medicine that worked as I work with the public and can't be coughing up a lung across the desk. So I tried it. Instant relief. No sooner than you get it down your cough is soothed and your throat feels better instantly. And it works for hours. I have tried other better tasting cough remedies over the years but nothing works nearly as well as Buckleys. I guess that is why it has stood the test of time and stayed on the shelves all these years. The makers have never tried to fix the problem with taste. Why mess with perfection? It really works.


Beverly Hills, CA


Buckley's Chest Congestion Mixture works but tastes Awful.


Buckley's Chest Congestion Mixture Expectorant works but tastes Awful!  Seriously, even the box admits that "It tastes awful."  When my dear husband first tried this product, he literally spit it out in the sink -- he said that he thought that it had gone bad.  Nope, it's Supposed to taste that way.  Some of the ingredients come from trees:  Canadian fir balsam gum and pine needle oil.  It also contains menthol -- not something I usually swallow intentionally (I mean, I think of menthol as a rub or in cough drops).  This product is an expectorant so it is not a cough suppressant -- it is supposed to help you loosen phlegm (mucus) and thin bronchial secretions to drain bronchial tubes and make coughs more productive.  This is not a product for the faint at heart.  If you are ready to be over your cough, give Buckley's Chest Congestion Mixture Expectorant a try.  Remember to Shake the bottle well before plugging your nose to try to keep from spitting out the horrible tasting medicine.  Buckley's Chest Congestion Mixture Expectorant works but tastes Awful!


Chattanooga, TN


Wowzers - extremely effective and greatly disgusting!


I was diagnosed with a very bad respiratory infection triggered by a very bad cold. I had been taking a cough suppressant in order to work during the day. However, this worsened my cold as the suppressant kept me from coughing up the grimy nasties lurking in my bronchial tubes. The festering phlegm became overrun with bacteria, and I developed a sort of walking pneumonia. The doctor prescribed antibiotics, and also suggested I try an expectorant to replace the suppressant I had been using. I couldn't find plain ol' expectorant without it being tied to a suppressant (seemed counter productive) except for a little inconspicuous small box with the word Buckley's on it. I saw it had guaifenesin -- the only one with just guaifenesin and no suppressant - so I bought it, unaware of the Buckley line of products. I got home, cracked it open, and expected a sweet cough syrup only to be rudely surprised by what tasted like a thick liquid form of Vick's Vapo Rub filling my mouth. I had to check the box to make sure I was supposed to ingest it instead of rubbing it on my chest. I was tempted to spit it right out, but didn't. It worked almost immediately, as the menthol and camphor filled my airways, clearing them up. Within 30 minutes, my sinuses were clear - in an almost bone-dry sort of way - and I began to cough up all kinds of things I was glad found their way OUT of my body. Kudos Buckley's!


Evanston, IL


This one is a catch 22 - Tastes awful, works great!


My husband had a nagging cough that he just couldn't seem to shake.  Someone at work suggested this cough syrup called Buckley's.  They said that it didn't taste good, but it would work.  So off I went on a quest (via phone) to find this product.  Much to my shagrin not alot of stores in my area carry it.  In fact only 1 drugstore had it.   Once I found a location I hopped in the car to go get it.  There were 2 types available.  I opted for the cough suppressant since it was a dry cough.  The funny thing is that on the outside of the box it actually says that it tastes awful.  Thats was the understatement of the century!  It was super disgusting and even worse if you smell it. Thankfully the suggested dose is only a teaspoon rather than a tablesppon like most products. I can honestly say that it works almost instantaneously! Within meer moments of taking this my husbands cough had finally subsided. Now this is not a cure for the cough but it does what it says, 'suppresses the cough' so you can sleep or get some work done. Tastes awful, works great!  


Virginia Beach, VA


Tastes awful~~~works great cures you in a day.....


When coming down with a congestion cold head to the pharmacy section and grab some Buckleys in the red box.  This cough medicine is the best on the market and is manufactured in Canada.  The taste is awful and be sure not to breathe while swallowing it will take your breath right away.  IF you happen to have a stuffy nose you can open the bottle and smell it and your nose will open right up.  The medicine contains balsam fir, and menthol and other ingredients, but it sure works like a miracle and fast as well.  The company prints right on the side of the box tastes awful works great and they are not joking either.  Congestion, cough, body soreness, bronchitis this medicine really works. 


Alpena, MI


Buckley's Cough Mixture is the best cough remedy in the world.


Have you ever had a cough that you couldn't get rid of for weeks?  Well I have an old time remedy that will kick that cough.  My experience with Buckley's Cough Mixture started several years ago when I had a bad cough for almost a month.  My mother's friend suggested that I try Buckley, an old remedy that he used as a child.  Well I decided to purchase the Buckley, and I took a tablespoon right away.  I know it might be hard to believe, but I started feeling better within hours.  Then by the next morning my cough had disappeared.  Please don't just take my advice without trying it yourself.  I promise that you won't be disappointed.


Orlando, FL


Buckley's Cough Mixture

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