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Buchulife Sport Gel

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Arthritis pain, or workout pain. Buchulife Sports Gel helps.


I have arthritis pain in the left cheek of my bottom. I thought it was osteoporosis, but the doctor said that does not cause pain. Coupled with working out at the gym this past 6 weeks, sometimes I find it hard to even sit down. I had been sent 5 sachets of buchulife sport gel. It is a herbal topical gel with organic Buchu Oil. Upon opening the gel, the smell is mint, which is lovely. I squeezed the smallest amount on my fingers, and then massaged it into my bottom. It felt cool to begin with. Then I couldn't feel anything including the pain. I love that it really works, and is natural. I use it when I get up in the morning, after my morning workout, and sometimes before I go dancing in the evenings. It is great at bedtime, as a mint smell is so much nicer than menthol. I am on my fourth sachet, and will be checking out their website, to buy it.

New Port Richey, FL


Buchulife Sport Gel

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