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Brylane Catalog Outlet

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Having been a Brylane Home customer for a few years, I was pleased to find out that Brylane offers an outlet website (*www.bcoutlet.com*), featuring not only home furnishings from Brylane, but also women's apparel  (size 12W- 44W) from retailers *Women Within, Roamans*, and *Jessica London*.  In addition, **Brylane Catalog Outlet** allows you to shop for the Big and/or Tall man in your life from sizes 2XL to 10XL, all at liquidated prices. Like its sister website - Closeout Catalog Outlet (*www.cboutlet.com*) -  Brylane's Catalog Outlet is a website with constantly fluctuating offers and merchandise.  In addition, the site offers the Search by Size option that is supposed to save you precious time as you try to find items in your preferred size.  Time is the enemy when shopping here; it's sort of a here-today-gone-tomorrow bargain shopping experience.  In my opinion, the Search by Size feature only saves time marginally. You can't be assured that your item is available until you get the email informing you that it has actually shipped.  On two separate occasions, I've attempted to purchase items -- a polo shirt for my hubby ($5.99) and a sheet set for the guest room ($12.99) -- and was allowed to put them in my shopping cart and place the order.  It was only ***after checkout***, and ***after the order confirmation***, that I finally received an email that the items were **no longer available**.  To me, this is the worst part of the Brylane Catalog Outlet experience.   I understand that many items you want won't be available by the time you log on and browse the site.  However, if I don't get an "out of stock" message when I place an item in the cart and pay for it, I should not get an "out of stock" email in lieu of the shipping confirmation that I'm expecting. The bottom line is that you can get an exceptional deal at this site if what you're in the market for happens to be in stock in your size.  It's great to think that you can nab a $50 comforter for $10.99, but don't believe it until you actually see the package at your doorstep.

Chicagoland, IL


have some good sale items


 B C O has clothing clearance from roamans, lane bryant, and chadwicks. they have some good sale items but a lot of things are unavailable to order. i had problems ordering on their online site recently. it would not remove an item from my shopping cart. it is better to check by phone or e- mail to see if they still have the item you want.

Oklahoma City, OK


Best of the plus size catalogs with discount prices


Brylane Catalog Outlet (www.bcoutlet.com) has all the clearance products from Roamans, Woman Within, and Jessica London in one convenient website. You can search categories (like shirts, pants, dresses) by size. They have great quality items at hugely discounted prices, and you can go to sites like www.retailmenot.com to find great discount coupons. They also offer deferred payment, which is nice! The only problems I see are that they do not always have photos of the different color/fabric options, so sometimes you are just on your own. This is a great place to build out your wardrobe with basics and accessories at discount prices; if you search through you can usually find both tops and bottoms that match, too. If you need a semi-formal, formal occasion, or "mother of the bride" type outfit I would definately check their special occasion dresses. Some great bargains are offered there.  I do not know why they arrange it this way, but always check the "JUST IN" tab on the far left of the homepage first, because they stick all of the new stuff there first. THEN check the womens plus size category afterward, because there are some things listed there that are not under "just in." There is a lot of overlap between these two categories, but it is worth the time to check thoroughly.

Margaret, AL


Brylane Catalog Outlet

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