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Bruise-Stick Bruise-Stick Ointment

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Arnica and Bromelain Ointment Stick that provides double relief


Arnica is a very popular natural medicine in Europe and South America, two continents that are passionate about soccer and football.  For many, Arnica based ointments and gels are the first line remedy for minor injuries associated with sports or trauma.  In the United States, Arnica is very popular for plastic surgery and dermatology patients who do not want bruising associated with their procedures. I have seen a lot of Arnica products over the years and really believe that the Bruise-Stick ointment is the best on the market, for a couple of reasons.  The medication is in an ointment stick which just makes things a little easier to apply and a lot less messy for the kids. Second, Bruisestick is the only product that has Arnica and Bromelain.  Bromelain is a pineapple extract that was shown on the Doctor Oz show for its benefits on bruising and healing. The product is available in retail pharmacies and can be found online. 


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Bruise-Stick Bruise-Stick Ointment

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