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Brother Sewing Machine

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I just love my Brother!


I recently purchased the Brother CS5055PRW Sewing Machine to use around the house for everyday rips, tears etc. I do not like to sew! I needed a new machine that was easy to use, didn't have too many bells and whistles and was lighter weight. I only needed it for the most basic things and it works well for what I needed. It is light enough for me to be able to move from the table to another workshop Stitch Performance The stitch can be varied and I have used it multiple ways from the smallest stitch to a rip in fabric to a more loose stitch for an article that needed some play in it. I like the variety of the stitch and it is easy to switch from one to another. Ease of Use For me this is an ideal machine, I don't like complicated sewing machines that you have to stop and read the directions each time you use it. It is great for the beginner to intermediate sewer or the ones like me that only use it from time to time. Fabric Handling I have used this on various types of fabrics and it seems to work well on each. It does not grab and bunch the fabric as you sew and the fabric is gripped well enough that you do not have it slipping from the needle area at all. Design The design is great for what my needs are because it is nice and light weight, it seems to be high enough from the needle area that I can use a more bulky material and it does not get bunched up or caught up right there. My old one was too close to the needle and didn't work well at all. Durability For the projects I use the sewing machine for it seems pretty darn durable to me. Although it is light weight it seems to be made well and it suits me to a t. It isn't cheap plastic that seems like it will fall apart or break easily.

Dallas, TX


A solid little machine for mending or creating


First let me say I am far from being a seamstress but I wanted a machine that I could use that would allow me to do mending or putting in a hem. I really didn't want to spend to much money on a machine knowing that it would not be used very often. Turns out I really like the little machine and feel it has a lot to offer to even the skilled seamstress. Stitch Performance The stitch length can be adjusted and the thread does not bunch up. Ease of Use This machine is light enough that I can lift it but it's also heavy enough that it doesn't bounce around or move on the table when you sew a little faster. It is so easy to thread the needle or change the spool of thread. and the bobbin is easy to thread. Fabric Handling I really was surprised that such a inexpensive machine would handle all of the different weights of fabric as well as it does. Heavier weight denim is normally a challenge and I dreaded trying to sew on it. The thread didn't knot or skip stitches and I was so impressed that I would recommend this machine for this one thing if nothing else. Versatility This machine works well. It is easy to use, and was inexpensive. Good machine for the novice as well as the advanced seamstress. Design This machine is easy to use. The machines comes in a nice storage cabinet and I I love being able to put it away when I am not using it. Durability For my needs this machine is great. They do have a heavier duty model that I would suggest considering if you really intend to do a lot of sewing

Peoria, AZ


Great buy!


I love this machine. I have a small business that's based around sewing, and this sewing machine is great for it. It didn't cost me too much, and it works beautifully. The choice of stitching is just the perfect amount, I have plenty of variety, but not too much that I get confused or frustrated trying to choose a stitch. And as far as assembly/use, it's very simple to use. My only complaint is that I've had to fix the tension three times since I've gotten it, whereas my old sewing machine, I had to only fix it once and it stayed where it needed to be. But it's a small, yet irritating, price to pay for a good quality machine. I'd definitely recommend it!



Brother Sewing Machine

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