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Brother Serger

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#1 Serger by Brother


This was my first experience with using a serger. I have sewn for many years, but this was a new experience for me. I have had my Brother Serber 920D for a couple years now and love it. It's simple to use, very easy to thread...( I have threaded other sergers with much more difficulty).At first it seemed a bit daunting, but once I got the hang of it, no problem. The diagrams make it simple, even color coded. The only thing you have to be certain of is to thread them in the proper order.As long as you do that, it works great.I have found many uses for this machine, from tablecloths for the holidays to blankets for my grandsons....this machine is compact in size, so I am able to leave it out in my sewing room. That way I tend to use it more. No need to set it up each time I want to use it, simply remove the cover and turn it on!

Huntington Station, NY


Fairly simple machine


When I first got my **Brother Serger-920D, I had a difficult time using it.  The needles weren't in place so I was getting a bad stitch.  After having it adjusted, it is an awesome machine.** **It is easy to use, durable, yet heavy and I don't like the power cord issue.** **I use my machine primarily for cloth diapers, but I have used it to mend a flag, alter teh length of blue jeans, sew fleece and cotton, and so much more.  I love how quick the **Brother Serger-920D as compared to using a regular sewing machine.**** **When I sew my cloth diapers I am using three layers of thickness . . . one is organic bamboo velor, the center is zorb (a very thick absorbant material), and some sort of cotton as teh outer layer and I have had no troubel with the machine cutting and sewing right through it.** **I don't like the the way the foot pedal and power cord are all in one cord.  And, if you want to turn off power to the **Brother Serger-920D it has to be unplugged from the wall.  There is no on/off switch.****

Wayne, MI


Brother Serger 920D is a great serger


I got the serger as a gift two months ago. I have been wanting one but was a little put off by these machine. I took it out of the box and threaded the machine (which was very easy to do) and read the instructions on the four tenion knobs. I placed a piece of fabric under the foot and started sergering. The machine is a little load (others have told me the same thing about their sergers) and takes a some time to get use to it but it sews great. It does take awhile to get use to the differant things (like using three threads instead of four, dropping the cutting blade and adjust the width of the stitch but after a couple of days learning the machine I was off and running with it. The only thing I am not liking about a serger is having to change all the threads when I want to use a different color thread. also I would have loved if I could have had a dvd or a video of some kind to show how many differant ways you can use a serger.

Wilmington, NC


Brother Serger

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