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Brother Project Runway Edition Computerized Embroidery & Sewing Machine

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Brother LB6770


Prior to owning this machine, I have always had Singer sewing machines. My first machine was a gift, many years ago and I had it until my oldest daughter was heading for college. So I can't say it wasn't a great machine, because it was. This one is simply better.The Brother machine, (my third machine, actually), has many features my other two machines didn't have. The biggest difference is that this one is computerized...never had that before...and I must say, it makes life much easier. Changing stitches is a breeze..just touch the screen and presto...new stitch..One of the greatest benefits of this new machine is that it is self threading...what a plus. Right now threading the machine isn't a problem, but as I age I am sure my eyesight will not be as sharp as it is now and threading the machine could have been a problem...not now. With the simple pulling down of a lever...it's threaded. Although I have not used it as yet, it also embroiders! We'll see what happens next. Durability only negative is the self threader moves out of alignment, but can still thread it the old fashioned way

Huntington Station, NY


The brother lb6770 is a great product for the money.


The brother Lb6770 sewing machine is a great value for the money.   I bought this particular sewing machine so that I could do simple embroidery projects at home.  It has been great for small embroidery projects such as hand towels, shirts and embroidering names on my kids backpacks.  It is really easy to use and the instruction manual is easy to understand.  This sewing machine has multiple functions which I haven't begun to try.  I am not an accomplished seamstress but this machine doesn't require me to be.  In addition to the embroidery functions, it has multiple stitch, buttonhole, & applique functions.  I also love the touch screen on this machine.  It is very simple to use.  The machine is numbered so that it makes the steps to thread the machine super easy.  The one thing I wish the machine did was give you actual dimensions on the embroidery font you have selected  -  but it may and I just haven't figured it out yet.Overall I am very pleased with this machine.

China Grove, NC


Brother Project Runway Edition Computerized Embroidery & Sewing Machine

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