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Brother Printer

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Easy to use all in one printer.


I bought this a while ago and it works wonderfully! I don't do a lot of printing so it has last me a long time now. No black smudged or running ink. It is quick and easy to install the toner cartridges. It is also pretty quick in printing. It's very easy to either fax, scan, print or copy. I definitely recommend this brand of printer. It's good for small or large print quantity. Performance I like that it is quick to print. Copy Quality My copies come out smudge free. Ink/Paper Use My ink has last me a long time, so I can say it is pretty good on ink.

Saint Paul, MN


Excellent AIO for home business


I bought this printer for my home business last year and have no complaints. I am amazed by the quality and all of the features for the price! I do not use the fax machine but the scanner is very important for me. I had to call customer service to help me set it up so it would scan entire documents in single files instead of page by page, but Brother customer service was very helpful and the scanner has been working perfectly. Compared to other machines, I think that the toner costs are reasonable. It can go through a lot of toner if I print a lot of graphics from the internet but, for day-to-day business copying and printing, the toner cartridges last a long time. The machine is very quiet which also was important to me because it sits right next to my desk. At some point I will have to replace it with a machine that does duplex printing but, for now and for the money, this is an excellent machine!

Raleigh, NC


Love the brother multifunction printer


This does it all - fax, scan, copy and print.  We use this mostly from printing and so far it has been great!  Pages come out nice and clear and it is quick too.  Not sure what the ppm is, but I'm usually only printing a page or two at a time anyways.  I have also faxed, scanned photos and documents and copied documents.  Everything has worked just as expected.  And it has been easy to use each of the different functions.  The software that comes with the printer to do the scanning is easy to use and gives many options for different types of docs/pics to scan and resolution.  I have used other scanners and the software is sometimes confusing or difficult to use.  I was able to use this one without even looking at the manual.  The fax function is easy to use as well.  The last fax we had was always pulling more than one page at a time and therefore not all the pages were getting faxed.  With this one and the copier style document feed, it works perfectly every time.  Would recommend this to anyone.  Good value for the money.  My husband got a great deal on this so all the better for us!

Reston, VA


Great laser printer for students


I have had this printer for about 6 months and so far it has been a great purchase. I am a graduate student and was looking for a printer that could print out tons of documents with ease, and I was looking for a toner cartridge that would last over a month. almost a thousand pages later i am still using the starter toner cartridge that the printer came with. The toner life is amazing!  I bought an extra OEM cartridge with it and all in all this should last me over a year, which is shocking! considering i went through ink cartridges almost monthly.  As far as print quality, it is as good as i can expect that an entry level office machine. The machine is speedy, it is a bit noisy, but goes into sleep mode when you are not using it so it can conserve power. The scanner and top feeder are ok. They are not as sturdy as you would expect from a professional machine but they do the trick and have not had any issues using them.  I recommend this machine overall!

Los Angeles, CA


Brother Printer

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