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Brother Printer

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OK for text only- just OK.


This multi-function machine does OK.  It can scan, print, fax, copy.  My real problem with it has been the quality of the color copies.  We were using a laser printer & moved that into the main office.  I mainly use this Brother for home/home office use, but some business use also.  The color (and text) prints that I get from this machine looks very washed out & faded.  This has just been paper documents & labels- I don't know how it would do photos but I definitely would not recommend it for that based on my experience.  I've done everything I can to trouble shoot this, but nothing changes.  If you don't care about the quality of the color it produces, then this machine is OK.  And, of course, the ink is ridiculously expensive, which is the way most inkjet printers are.

Vancouver, WA


Makes a decent scanner


I've purchased this Brother MFC-5460CN as a refurb with rebates.  It's a nifty device, pretty convenient, especially with the document feeder. I'm mainly using it as a scanner, being able to scan directly to a CF / SD / MS / XD card is nice. I just have an old 32M CF card plugged in and use it to transfer the scanned pdf / jpg to my computer. It does have an email-sending option, but never got to setting that up. The network cable jack is also a bit oddly placed, actually inside the unit. The scans are quite nice, good clean document scans using color mode. Also automatically formats multiple pages into a single pdf file if that option is chosen when scanning. Print quality is to be desired though, color prints were just about acceptable. Nothing spectacular. One MAJOR MAJOR con is that it constantly does some kind of self-cleaning even when the printer is turned off. The starter ink cartridges (CYMK) just self-emptied itself after a year. I've printed maybe 5 pages with them. As of now, it's only a scanner for me, and I'm ok with that.

San Francisco, CA


It does 3 jobs and it does them well.


This product I have had for over a year and a half I would say. So far, the product has lasted, it is very efficient and user Friendly. This printer in my home is pretty much used on daily bases, I use it for school work, my father uses it for his work, so it's used alot. This product can print documents in back and white or in color, it can send or receive faxes, and it can scan copies of documents or even scan an image of the document to the computer. It has a USB port or even a San Disk port for memory cards to upload to the printers memory and print that way, so its convenient. The thing I love most about this product is that it's very efficient: it does not waste alot of ink, and when I need to buy more, the ink for this product is very cheap and affordable. The printing of documents is not the fastest, but it prints the jobs it's asked in a decent amount of time. The thing I dont like about this printer though is that it is hard to open the cover to feed paper into the printer. Other than that, I highly recommend this product to people who want to save money, and just need a basic 3 in 1 printer that does the job right.

Bloomington, CA


Low 3rd party ink


This is a good all around printer.  I have HP , Canon and Epson printers but this is by far the cheapest as far and ink cost.  Third party ink works very well and does great photos.  There is a card reader and options to print thumbnail previews. Have not had and problems yet and don't anticipate any.  Unless you let is powered on it tends to clean print heads each use and this can be time consuming if your in a rush.  It is not the fastest printer but the print quality make up for it. Great for printing online grocery coupons also.

Hustontown, PA


Brother MFC 5460CN Printer isn't totally satisfactory.


I bought a Brother MFC 5460CN Printer a few years ago. It was okay, but I was never satisfied with print quality - especially on pictures - so many lines & off-color. And it was always having paper jams. A few months ago the paper tray jammed - a spring. Then it quit printing black. I called the company & they said the heads were clogged because I wasn't using name brand cartridges. I called the repair shop that fixed the jammed tray & they told me the Brother tech was giving me a line because they want me to spend three times as much money for their cartridges. So the repair shop inspected it. The heads were not clogged, they were blown, the hole for sending out the ink was so large it couldn't work anymore. So all-in-all, I was not very happy with this product. That doesn't mean I am turned off by the company. I am willing to give them another try, just not with this printer.

Clinton, MO


an OK printer for everyday use


I, myself, am not very computer savvy, or printer savvy at that.  This is pretty self-explanatory.  My mother uses it at work, and I have used it myself several times.  Scanning does a pretty decent job.  The coloring is a little off, I think so.  When scanning to the desktop, it comes out okay, but scanning and printing that scan seems a little off.  Faxing is fine.  Faxing is what I use it the MOST for, and never have issues - but that just means the internet connection is fine!  When printing out Word documents, the black ink is awesome.  If you throw in some color, it comes off a little smeared.  PowerPoint can be a little much for it sometimes.  It may be that this printer has been used quite a lot, but I always expect printers and computers to last a lot longer than they seem to, especially in a work setting where they are used the most.  Anyway, I would recommend this for everyday use, when it comes to simple printing and scanning, but not necessarily recommended for serious business use.

Orlando, FL


Brother Printer

3.5 6