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Brother PED Basic Embroidery Software

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A Good Little software package


Overall this software package is well worth the price. I purchased it to be able to use the card with my Brother Se-350 embroidery machine. It has worked great for use with both the Se-350 machine and my larger PE-750 machine. It opens easily and shows what size patterns you have that can be used for what size hoops. It also allows you to enlarge the pattern and has a screen button so that you can see the pattern loaded clearly. It does have several drawbacks however. First the USB cable really tends to get in the way on older computers that have the USB jack in the front. It also deletes patterns already on it before it will reload new ones so you have to make sure you reload patterns you want to save on it. I have also had problems with it not responding but on re hitting the load button makes it work. There are also some patterns I have found it won't load but I don't know if this is a problem with the ped-basic or the pattern designers. It is a good little program and a must have if you want to buy patterns from the internet to use on your embroidery machine.




PED Embroidery Software is the best I have worked with.


I have tried several different types of Embroidery Software.  PED by brother is well worth the price.  You can get updates as they come out, or you can even wait a year or so and then update.  Their new features are always worth that extra price you pay. The ease of manipulations is what I like the best.  no matter what you start with, you can change the points with no problem.  The program even works well with the writing pads, for those who love them. The version 7 has a 3 letter monogram setting that will put the letters in the correct place, middle is larger, and you can use standard or special true type fonts.  True type fonts can be found free on the internet or you can even purchase them from different web sites.  Most of these can be automatically used in the PED as soon as they are installed on your computer. I own several different types of Embroidery Software, but I LOVE my PED.  I digitize all of my designs (JennaBugDesigns.com) with PED and hope to keep upgrading for the newest features.  They save so much time.  Just love my PED. Becky  


Ecru, MS


Brother PED Basic Embroidery Software

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