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Brother P-touch Label Printer

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Label Maker to go


This is too big of a machine to be considered a label maker. I feel like I am using a big typewriter as the keys are so small and everything doubles up that you can't find the correct symbol or letter unless you change the menu feature. So confusing. I expect a simple label maker which allows you to just type in the letters and print but for some reason this machine bogs me down. I am also not fond of the font that it prints in and even more annoying is the removal of the label; they use two separate strips instead of one whole one which makes it even harder to discard.

La Crescenta, CA


The Brother P-touch PT-80 labeler can print on the go.


Purchased the Brother P-touch PT-80 Label Printer back in April of 2009 to help organize office files and label miscellaneous office equipment and supplies and so far I have been pleased with the portability and convenience that the PT-80 provides. The Good: The PT-80 is small and compact, easy to carry, fits nicely in my hands and is highly portable. Printing is easy and the design is intuitive enough so that you can operate the machine without having to read any manuals or guides. Prints on the fly and you can customize the width of the character spacing, the font size, insert symbols, etc. - basically anything you need printed on a tiny label. The labels themselves and self-adhesive and they stick to most things. The Bad: Print quality is bad and the print is not nice and crisp. The labels although they stick to most things, they eventually lose their stickiness after a while on nonpaper products and begin lifting around the corners, which could be annoying. Battery life is very weak, and the cartridges are quickly consumed since they are low yield capacity. Another negative is excessive waste when labels are printed; there's a good amount of dead space at both ends of the printed label which could save more labels if the space was reduced. In conclusion, the good outweigh the bad, and the unit gets 6 out of 10 from me.

Alhambra, CA


portable and organized


I have wanted a labeler for a long time. I just never got around to purchasing one because I really couldn't justify the price. Our family decided to do some heavy cleaning of our entire house, which really was in need of it. We made the decision that if we weren't using things that we would either give it them to charity or sell it in a garage sale or perhaps on eBay. The further I got along in our cleaning the more I realized that it would be really nice to have a labeler to keep everything that I had cleaned organized and tidy. For example, in one box I found at least 8 different chargers for various electronic items and I could only identify about half of them. Getting started I have to say that I am not much one for instructions and yet I was able to figure out how to insert the labels, batteries, etc... and it was up and running within a few minutes. I did have to revert to the instructions a few times but for the most part the interface is self-explanatory. I like how small and modern the machine looks. It is also nice that it runs on batteries so that it is truly portable. The labels seem to last a long time too. We have used it several times and it appears that we still have plenty of tape left. My whole family has enjoyed this purchase. My husband uses it to address his packages and my kids use it for organization and various school projects. I use it to keep my craft area tidy. There are literally tons of use for this little gem.

Rockford, IL


Martha Stewart convinced me to get it!


Any avid followers of Martha Stewart now she labels everything. I always thought it was one of her unecessarily over-the-top qualities, yet secretly envied her P-touch. The only thing that kept me from buying one was the price. Until it went on sale, that is.   I love the P-touch! I label everything now, including the sock drawer. It lets you print labels in many different sizes, styles, shapes, and formats. It's small enough to keep in a drawer and attractive enough to keep laying around anywhere. There is even a handy little tool to help peel the adhesive backing off your label. They really thought of everything!

Duluth, GA


Brother P-touch Label Printer

3.3 4