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Brother Multi-Function Center

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Fast and Reliable!!


This was our very first B/W laser printer we ever own!  Yes, still have it now and working wonderfully to our daily demand at home!  We really like the speed and the quick reaction toward our print job inquiry.  I must say though, most of the Samsung B/W laser printer can do even faster!   But I can't complain for the price I pay for this multi-purpose laser printer.  Beside just a printer, it can scan and fax from the same machine!  Now, that's a plus to a small condo owner like us!  Space is everything!!  One machine can replace 3 other appliances, I think we have a winner there!  A little bit disappointed that we can not scan everything.  Sometimes you just want to to scan something that are not in Letter Size!  So, we are very much stuck with scanning letter size documents and no smaller than a supermarket receipts.  I have this printer hook up with a USB print server that runs with Windows XP and not until lately that my print server no longer support for later Windows OSes.  So I did a little search and found out this 2 years old printer are compatible with my current Windrows Server 2008 R2.  Once I plug right into the USB and my server automatically installed the drivers and with the Print Server Services installed and now my printer can be share again!!!  Print quality has been keeping up great.  Word of advice, use genuie Brother toner, otherwise; you will suffer or loose some print quality from those generic toner.  Also, when the printer say "Low in Toner", there's a  little trick that you can squeeze out about another 100-200 pages from it.  Just use a masking tape to cover up that little circular windows at the side of your toner.  That way, the LED sensor will be fool by a full toner.

Sunnyvale, CA


Works Great, would buy it again!


The Brother MFC (Multi-Function Center) 7220 has been an integral part of my home office for the past 3 years. I set out to find a fax machine as I had already had an inkjet printer as my printer/copier for my home office. Though my inkjet printer was a constant source of headaches for me (if one ink cartridge would dry up it would cause the whole machine to malfunction) I was not looking to replace it at the time. But finding they don't really sell JUST fax machines, I discovered the Brother MFC. I brought it home, hooked it up, and have had years of trouble-free performance ever since! The convenience of having a home fax/copier/printer/scanner is great. This model was easy for me to connect and use right away - and I have little patience with computers! The directions were written clearly and easy to follow. I was up and faxing in less than an hour. This is a black and white printer only, and uses toner cartridges instead of inkjets. The toner cartridges are far less expensive, and you don't have to worry about wasted money or down time due to dried up ink. Lack of color capability is the only drawback to my Brother MFC that I can think of. On rare occaisions where I want to do a small run of color brochures, I have to send the file to my local printer instead of just running it off at home.

Minneapolis, MN


Brother Multi-Function Center

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