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Brother Multi-Function Center All-In-One InkJet Printer

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Still going strong after 5 years


While I wouldn't suggest that anyone use this as their primary printer, if you are looking for a combination phone, fax, scanner and printer, this Brother unit is a great option! The machine comes with a cordless phone that docks in a small port attached to the side of the printer. It comes with a built in answering machine and you can record a personal message. I also love that you can connect to your wireless internet network for wireless printing and scanning to your computer. The menu/setup options could be a little better organized. I had to refer to the manual a few times to figure out which subcategory to look under for certain settings, but that's a minor complaint. The printing quality is pretty decent for a combination unit. It's perfectly acceptable for text based documents and black and white printing. When printing in color, the results are a little faded and the printing speed is quite slow. But overall, this is a great unit, especially for someone with a home office that needs a multipurpose device.



Put in anywhere where there is an outlet - and it will go


This Multifunction printer does just about a little of anything you need. It's a copier, It's a scanner. It's a fax. It can print photos. It's a color printer. It will turn your PC into a fax receiver. The copier is quicker, easy. Put something on the glass, copy it, or put sheets on the multi-page reader, and it will copy mulitple pages (one sided, not both sided --- oh well). It's a scanner...and a wireless scanner at that, so any PC on the network can use it as a scanner. The only thing I would have like to have seen, would have been a scanner to pdf software, although I was able to find a fairly cheap and flexible (CutePDF) alternative. It's a fax...linked to a wireless vonage adapter, I have a fax anywhere near an electrical output. The fax is clear,and best of all, you can optionally, link any PC in the network into the fax machine to receive the fax, so no wasted paper, and a nice way to store the faxes for later review. it's a photo can hook up a camera memory card directly, or use it as a photo printer from any PC on the network. The picture are great, but sometimes get smudged. I wouldn't use this as a primary photo printer, but it will do in a pinch. It's a color printer...The ink lasts a fair amount of time, and is on par on cost with the other inkjet printers, there are cheaper non-brother ink replacements that have worked just fine for me. It's not the fastest printer on the block, but for one or two pages, its good. Overall, the best feature is that it's WIRELESS, and all functions of this device can be used wirelessly by any PC on the network

Barrington, NJ


The Brother 665CW muftifunction printer is a wonder.


The Brother 665CW all in one printer is a great machine. It is a color ink jet printer, scanner, copier and fax machine all in one package. It is fast and easy to use. It has a built-in wireless network interface and a USB connector. The print quality is very good and it produces beautiful copys. It is indispensible in my wife's business and I have found it to be reliable. My only complaint is that it goes through ink carteriges quickly and they are expensive.  

Clarksburg, MD


The MFC-665CW is worth thc money spent.


The Brother MFC-665CW is a very good printer even for someone that is not computer literate.  This printer does it all. You can print, scan, copy and fax.  It is easy to set up to a network, so that every computer in the house can print from the same printer.  This printer also has a message center, so you do not need a seperate answering machine.  This makes it easier to receive faxes because you do not have to connect an external answering machine that could interfer with receving faxes.  There is also a large display screen with easy to access menus.  The printer also has memory card slots to be able to print picture using just the printer.  With the document feeder you are able to copy and scan legal size documents as well as letter sized.  There is also a phone on the printer but there is also a place to put an exteral phone also.  The print time is good and the ink last a long time.  I would recommend this printer to anyone that needs to do alittle of everything.  It works well and does not have any problems

Erath, LA


Brother Multi-Function Center All-In-One InkJet Printer

4.5 4