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Ls 30
Brother Mechanical Sewing Machine LS30

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Oh brother!.. LS-30


This Brother LS-30 Sewing machine is great for first timers. It is easy to set up and use quickly and gets the job done, however if you are more of an advanced sewer or quilter i would reccommend something with advanced features as well. This machine has your basic functions and the step peddle of coarse is made of plastic. When you purchase the machine it is equipped with a starting kit for everything you need to mend a shirt or drawers. It has step by step instructions on how to thread your machine properly but it is a bit confusing if nobody is right there showing you as well since you are dealing with a tiny bit of thread, and if you have never touched a sewing machine before. Winding the bobbins is easy, but if you are trying to spin the thread onto it from a large spool, it is quite hard to keep it from falling all over the place and making a large mess. It does it's job, nothing more or less.


Chewelah, WA


Easy to use sewing machine


Overall, I really like my Brother LS-30 sewing machine. I would say that I am an intermediate to advanced sewer and this has been a very reliable sewing machine. The couple things that I have had issues with is trying to load the bobbin (which was more of a blonde moment than anything) and troubleshooting a thread tension issue. I think the only suggestion I would make to improve this sewing machine is that the light is not bright enough so a better work light would be great. The sewing machine is affordable and would make an excellent sewing machine for a beginner. I have been using mine now for over a year with very little issues and I'm not the greatest at keeping up with the maitenance and cleaning of the machine. Very reliable and highly reccomend!


Lees Summit, MO


Easy to use and Great for beginners


I love my brother sewing machine. I have used for simple clothing repairs, sewing my own clothing and even quilting projects. It is easy to use. All of the dials and knobs are clearly marked and sensitive to movement but not so sensitive that it is unable to control. I have taught my seven year old daughter how to sew using this machine. If this was a more complicated model, she would be unable to understand how to use and adjust it. When the needle got broken, it was easy to go to a craft store and find a replacement pack of needles. It was very simple to remove and replace the needle. I also find the threading to be a simple process. The pedal is easy to control speed and monitor movement. I wish the power cord for the pedal was longer as my sewing table is kind of far from the wall but it does work with an extension cord and that does the trick. I also love that the machine is light enough and has a great storage case so that I can take it wth me places and put it away when I am done with it.


Westerville, OH


This Brother Sewing machine is great


I purchased this sewing machine a few years ago, and have found it to be very reliable. I do some basic sewing tasks such as mending clothes and making quilts. It took me sometime to master how to thread this machine correctly, but now I can do it really quickly. The bobbin is easy to fill with thread, and I have no problem attaching the needles, lowering the sewing foot, or switching from forward to reverse stitching. The tension of the stitches is consistently satisfactory. I truly like this machine for my style of sewing. Should I wish to perform embroidery tasks or complete other more complicated sewing tasks I would choose a different model. I find the foot pedal is not too sensitive, but responds nicely to firm pressure.For basic sewing tasks, I have no hesitation in recommending this little machine. It is light enough for me to lift without difficulty and I greatly appreciate it's portability.


Louisville, KY


Disappointed with my Brother LS-30 sewing machine


I received my Brother LS-30 sewing machine as a Christmas gift three years ago. I wanted a sewing machine so that I could complete simple projects such as sewing hems, making minor repairs, in other words, nothing fancy or complicated. Each time I get the machine out, I spend more time on preparing it to sew than I do on actually sewing. I have the hardest time even trying to get a bobbin threaded with this machine. I have yet to sew on it that the bobbin thread doesn't get tangled or break midway through my project. Also, there seems to be excess oil in the bobbin case as the bobbin thread comes out miscolored. The manual for the sewing machine is not very helpful. The directions are printed in three different languages on the same page. Therefore, you have to read through three pages to apply one step. Over all, I feel like the Brother LS-30 model sewing machine is cheaply made. It is quite a hassle to use.


Raymond, MS


This sewing machine is only good for simple sewing jobs.


If I knew the Brother sewing machine I have was not going to work for I would've taken it back for a refund.On the other hand,I didn't buy it,it was a gift.I need a sewing machine that can handle heavier material.I tried to hem a pair of jeans and my needle broke.It also comes unthreaded alot.Then the bobbin doesn't thread right.In my opinion this machine is junk !!!


Greenville, OH


Great machine for the price


I've been sewing for many years at this point and have used a variety of machines from the most basic such as this machine to some wonderful embroidery machines and sergers. I got a great deal on this machine and picked it up to fill in between times when I would not have access to my own machine and to teach my daughter to sew on as I honestly didn't want the headache of her ruining an expensive machine. So far we have not had any problems with this machine and it has taken the abuse we can throw at it. I have a bad habit of speeding motors while sewing and this machine has been able to keep up without jamming. It has also been able to take my daughter's pins getting under the needle and kept going after changing out broken needles. This machine is great at keeping up with small projects around the home or sewing simple garmets. it's a great little starter machine and the price is great to give as a present for someone interested in learning to sew.


Tampa, FL


Great starter sewing machine, I love it!


My husband bought the Brother sewing maching for me almost four years ago. At the time I had never sewn before. He was a little hesitant to spend a lot of money on a sewing machine since neither of us really knew how often I would use it. I am glad he got the Brother. It was the cheapest one at the store, so we didn't expect much out of it, but it has been perfect. It did jam a bit a the beginning, but I was easily able to figure out how to get it running again. That is one of the things I love about it. Because it is a basic model I have had no problem fixing jams, or changing needles or the foot. I have used it for a variety of projects including baby changing pads, tons of baby blankets, a rag blanket, a jean blanket, lots of baby teething toys, and basic clothing repair. It didn't have any problems at all on my jean blanket, which was actually very demanding on the machine. I just love it and it is going strong with no problems still four years later.


Henderson, NV


Good machine, but you get what you pay for.


I purchased this machine about 3 years ago for small sewing projects.  The cost was within my budget, and the machine offered features that I was interested in.  I have been able to hem pants, make halloween costumes and sew a quilt with this machine.  The machine offers various stitch settings depending on what you're trying to sew.  The only problem I've found, is that sometimes the thread gets chewed up where the bobbin is.  If you're working with a material that has a lot of fluff or lint, it seem to get underneath the foot of the machine and jam up things a bit.  This causes the needle to get stuck, and broken thread.  It's frustrating to have to stop sewing an remove the bobbin and clean everything up before you re-thread and start again.  Slight nuisance, but a lot better than hand stitching everything!  I recommend this machine for first time sewers, who just want to try it out without spending a lot of money.  Patience with the machine is a must though!!


North Las Vegas, NV


Brother Mechanical Sewing Machine LS30

3.6 9