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Brother MFC-240C Printer

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Intellifax 2440C will last FOREVER


We have had this Brother Printer-Copier-Scanner-Fax forever and a day. And it still works. We really mostly use the fax machine anymore, since our newer model all-in-ones are faster at printing, copying and scanning. But nothing beats this thing for reliable faxing. This is an oldie goldie phone modem fax machine. Just use the document loader, plug in your fax number, and listen to the old-timey fax noises as your fax is sent on its way. You will have time to get a cup of coffee while waiting for the fax to finish but it is soooo much more reliable than the newer versions. Your fax will arrive at its destination, trust. And after all this time it still works! I love it! Oh please never break, Intellifax.



The MFC-240C needs to copy some feautures from HP


It has all the functions I need and I got a really good price for it, but it lacks the user interface of hp all in one printers.I hope the will get there soon, int he mean time I do appreciate Brothers effort.also there is a weird pop up error on Mac OS computers when you turn the computer on and brother is saying is Apple's fault but they are the ones who wrote the driver

Fresno, CA


Only likes Brother ink


I bought some online, off brand, cheap ink for my Brother printer and it glombed it up so bad I actually had to send it back to the manufacturer and ultimately had to replace it on an exchange basis. Fortunately, they didn't charge me anything but I did have to do without my printer for about two weeks.

Beaumont, TX


Brother MFC-240C is the best I've ever owned


The Brother MFC-240C is the best printer I have ever owned. I have tried several different brands, and none compare with the quality and easy use of this printer.  The pages come out perfect every time, no jams or problems.  The machine is self cleaning & "tells" you when there is a problem such as low ink in a particular color.  Changing the ink cartridges is SO EASY. I would recommend this brand to anyone who is tired of the problems of poor quality printing & hard to use products....too many of them I have tried in the past.

Weaverville, NC


great printer for price


We purchased this printer mfc240 just over a year ago and it has been a very good investment ever since. The user friendly installation was very simple. We love the built in options that come with this printer such as ease of replacing the ink cartridges, wire tracks that hide the excess wire, the stands that hold the top of the printer for adjusting settings. Even though it has four color cartridges they are inexspensive and are very easy to lock in to place. the model is not the smallest of space takers but not so big that it fits in most printer slots for our desk. We also enjoy the ease of using our memory card from our camera on the printer, the slot is located on the front and the extra usb port is on the front also. Faxing is simple as well backlighting helps you see the numbers that you have dialed and the choice of using just black or color option is great.The manufacture is brother and is a very good product and name brand that is known in the pc industry. Overall i would recommend this all in one product to family and friends.

Commerce, GA


MFC 240C. Absoultely the worst printer I had in 17 years.


Constantly jams if printing more than two pages at a time. if any ink runs out cannot print in any of the remaining colors. Cannot print card stock or Avery business cards or any perforated paper template paper from Avery, without jamming. When jams, must repeat the unjamming process (remove cover, reload paper) consecutive times for the printer senses it's done. I bought it becuase I was pleased with my Brother laser printer. never buy another Brother again, it appears they cheapened the construction. Now, I support Epson, especially becuase they have a through-feed system that doesn't require the paper to be turn around for printing.

Essex, MD


Love the multi-functionality


I have had this printer for a while, and I haven't really had a problem with it. I like that I can copy, fax, or print with it. It is small and easy to use, and prints documents well. I think it is quite fast when copying, printing, and scanning, although I don't do a lot of high bulk printing. During the few times that paper has jammed in the printer, it was very easy to fix, as the top of the printer lifts up without any problem. Faxes can also be fed directly into the top of the printer, and so I've found the fax function also easy and fast. The only thing I don't really like about the printer is the fact that the buttons on the front stay lit. My printer is in my room, and so I have to cover them up with something before I go to sleep, as the light bothers me a bit.

Waterford Works, NJ


Brother where are thou?


I was smart and bought 2 of these Brother MFC 240 C one for myself and one for my daughter in college. This means I can buy ink in bulk and we have ink on hand andready to use. I do a lot of printing so I have actualy work out one printer. Poor thing : ^ ) I did have insurance on my printers when one malfunctioned I Brother replaced it no quetions asked. At first I wasn't sure I liked the separate cartridges for each color but I quickly learned it was a great cost saver. When one color runs out I don't have to replace the entire color cartridge just the one that needed replaced ! The scanner & fax capabilities are wonderful and give good clear scans or copies. I love my Brother All in one MFC 240 c multifunction printer/ scanner/ copier & fax. Printing commands are simple and there is an access door in the rear of the unit that gives you access to clear any paper jams. if i had to say any negative about this unit it would be that it does get paper jams. ****

Myrtle Point, OR


Worst printer I ever had


The **Brother MFC-240C Printer** is the worst printer I ever had. It is way too bulky and has too many cons. The Brother Printer comes with 1 color ink carthrage for all colors. It can copy, print, and fax. The reason why I don't like this printer is because it has the usb inside the printer where it comes out, which gets tangled and hard to use. Also, there is no wifi connection from the printer to the computer. The Printer is too bulky and wastes ink really fast as well as paper.  **The Pros:** Does the job (inefficiently). Fax, printer, and copy machine. Cheap **The Cons: **Takes a while starting up as well as the printer has to clean the ink for some reason and that stalls 5 to ten minutes of your time. The paper gets jammed sometimes and takes a while to print something out. Also, you have to press the power button for a long time to turn it up. Every single thing I do with this printer stalls my time.  **Overview:** This printer takes a lot of my time when I have to print something up for a project and don't have a lot of time so I give this a 2 stars because there is no (technical) problems with it and does the job (slowly). I do not recommend this printer, I prefer lexmark printers over Brother printers.

Los Angeles, CA


Its alright, you can find better


This printer is not the best printer to own. I have used this printer for so many things and several times, it disappointed me alot. It loses signal to my laptop because it is wirelessly connected to several laptops and i do not understand how several laptops can lose signal to it. Its kind of annoying when scanning because the scanning feature isnt the best in my opinion. Its annoying to navigate through because its not that simple where you can click one button and it does it all for you. It takes a while sometimes but it doesnt have many paper jams and  that is very important for me. It also prints fine and tells the user about hte level of the ink. Its good and bad at the same time. I dont like the other features it has because i always have difficulty when i use them. Faxing is not something im good at but scanning is sometimes easy when its figured out but other than that it can give a little trouble.

Oak Lawn, IL


Brother MFC-240C Printer

3.8 23