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Brother Laser Printer

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Outstanding printer, Outstanding value.


Purchased this printer with a big rebate 3 years ago. Fast, crisp pages. Plug and Play for Windows and Mac. I'm not a very heavy printer user, but the starter toner even lasted over two years for me. This printer has a LOT of aftermarket toners that can be bought cheap. The genuine brother toners are a bit pricey. ( which is the norm for all printer makers ) Also the tape-method lets you milk that last bit of toner. The printer is fabulous. I loved the printer so much that I have upgraded the ram with a SODIMM, but don't know if that's necessary. Guess it helps with more complicated pages. The printer has yet to jam besides user error - leaving stuff on the printer when the page is coming out, printing on waxy paper, etc. The duplexer works like a charm also. Very convenient for printing large documents on both sides of the page. It has a neat web interface for setting up the printer. Also a great informative status check option. Probably the only con would be the lack of wireless. Mine is plugged into a wireless router, so no problems there. No wonder Brother printers are #1 in satisfaction on Consumer Reports. Excellent printer at excellent prices. ( look for rebates! )


San Francisco, CA


Inexpensive and preforms great!


I use to think that the only laserjet worth owning was an Hewlett Packard kind.  When my husband bought this Brother because of it's low price, I thought it was going to preform poorly.  I mean don't you get what you pay for? I use the printer everyday and we print a lot!  It has been a wonderful work horse! The toner doesn't run out quickly like other printers we've had in the house.I really like the duplex feature and the speed that it preforms this function. If something happens and the paper doesn't come out, its such as easy fix.  I've only had the paper jam and get caught up inside the machine less than 5 times!  We've had this laserjet for 3 years now and it's still going strong.No smudges or wrinkles in the paper when it comes out.  Paper and other thicker paper feed great without any problems.Toner can be easily reached to be replaced and I have never had one spill on me.  The paper tray is easily assessable and a breeze to fill.


Tomball, TX


Fast, quiet, and reliable


I love my Brother HL-525ODN printer. My husband purchased one several years ago for a company that he does some work for and he liked it so much after he installed it that we decided to get one. All we had before was a color inkjet which was so slow and noisy. We really wanted something quieter and more reliable for our home office. Plus, ink for a black and white laser printer is much cheaper than ink for a color inkjet printer. We've had it for about 2 or 3 years now and haven't had any trouble with it. I think we've replaced the ink once so we don't use it a ton. I probably print one or two pages a day. So, for what we do it's perfect. There are times that I wish it was color but for as little as I need color printing a color laser printer just isn't in the budget. Of course, if I did purchase a color laser printer I would definitely consider a Brother. With as happy as I am with their black and white printer I'm sure I'd like the color one as well.


Knoxville, TN


Brother Laser Printer

5.0 3