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Brother Laser Printer

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a very good printer for a variety of projects


The Brother HL-4040CN Laser Printer is an extremely good printer.  You can get regular or high volume toner cartridges for it depending on how many pages of printing that you want or need to do.  I like it a great deal. The toner cartridges are very easy to replace as needed; you just open up the front of the unit and pull out the carriage.  The cartridges are right there.  All you have to do then is grab the handle and lift the cartridge up and it is out.  Shake the new cartridge to loosen the toner in the cartridge and then drop it into its slot, shut the carriage, and close the front panel; the unit is then ready to go again. Another nice feature of the printer is the drop down front panel for envelopes and other such speciality forms.  I have used it to print photos and they have looked great. On the down side is that the high capacity toner cartridges are not readily available in my community, I have to get them via the internet. 

Lincoln, NE


Superior Quality, Affordable Price


Superior Quality, Affordable Price As I run my own business, I need to be able to print things on a timely schedule and quality does count to me. This printer, the Brother HL-4040CN Color Laser Printer, does just that - the 4040CN clocks in at 20ppm black and 6ppm color. It is a vast improvement over my previous color laser printer (a Samsung) that printed half as fast and at a lower quality. This printer is great for those who don't have a lot of space. It's footprint is small and is only marginally larger than some of the higher-end inkjet printers. I was easily able to fit this printer into our printing bay which was only regulated for inkjet use. Be warned, however, that this printer is *HEAVY* for it's size (I hurt my back when setting it up, I was completely taken off-guard on how heavy it is compared to its size). You can also hook up a USB drive to the front of the printer and print off PDFs and JPEGs, saving your employees time if they are on the run and can't afford to pull up the files on a computer from their thumbdrive. Cost is also a major factor for me and this printer offers a great print/price ratio, delivering sub 10 cent prints (The Samsung was over 20 cents per print, rivaling inkjet costs). Replacement cartridges are a breeze to install (takes less than 5 minutes for a novice). The only real cons are the lower quality black prints and the lack of borderless prints (though this is common in laser printers, so I can't fault it for this in my review).

Pearl, MS


Brother Laser Printer

4.5 2