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Computerized Sewing Machines
Brother Computerized Sewing Machine XR7700

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this is a great machine.


i got this sewing machine several years ago from costco. i think it works really well and i love all the automatic functions on it. the fact that it's computerized is pretty nifty. my old machine was a mechanical europro shark one that i wasn't too happy with. but this one is way better! there are tons of stitch functions to choose from here, and this one comes with tons of accessories. i wish i had more time to sew, is all. i'm by no means an expert sewer, but maybe a beginning to intermediate one. this one was perfect for me.




The Brother XR 7700 is beginner-friendly"


I had no clue how to sew when I bought this, but I wanted something that I might be able to do simple things, like hemmings, so we could get a little more life out of our clothes, and save us money in that department. And it has. Some of our favorites (and old) pieces of clothes, I have been able to save by running a simple hem with my new machine. Now, when I first opened the box, the first thing I did was read the entire manual since I had no clue where to begin. Thankfully, the instructions were very clear and easy to understand for someone like me. And the kit contained everything I needed to get started except for the thread. There are lots of options as far as styles and patterns. It even shows you how to sew on buttons (I didn't even know you could use a machine for that!) although I still prefer to sew buttons my hand, until I get a better hang of it with the machine. And I've only used the machine a few times, but I really hope to get the hang of it and maybe one day I will make my own clothes. But I think I made a great choice with the Brother XR 7700 since it is lenient on a beginner like me and can grow with me. I also love that it is portable and light weight, and I can tuck it into a closet when not in use. Sometimes I have trouble with the bottom seam bunching up, not sure what I am doing wrong. I don't think it's the machine, probably the inexperienced user, lol.


Conway, SC


I love this machine.


I have had my machine for a year now and I love it, and I would get another one. It is very easy to use and I have made all kinds of things with it. I do my quilting, mending and small crafts and big crafts and it handles all of them. The extention table is the best and would recommend getting it if it doesn't come with it is worth the money and you are able to use it on all the Brother machines.


Green Bay, WI


Long on features, short on price, Brother's XR 7700 rocks.


I bought a reconditioned Brother XR 7700 to use alongside my pricier Innova because it was inexpensive, lightweight, and portable and had some of the same features as the Innova, although understandably not as durably made.  For the price, it is a remarkably good machine and a joy to use. Although it doesn't automatically finish off the seams, and you have to raise the presser foot manually, it does have the needle down and backspace buttons and the variable speed control.  It also has a decent task light, which is quite important to me.  So is the needle threader, although this one is not as effortless as the one on the Innova, which brings a smile to my face and a squeal of joy each and every time I change thread.  But this model cost less than a tenth of the price of the higher end machine, so I didn't expect it to be as nice as it is. Although the detachable platform that came with this sewing machine was an incentive for me to buy this particular model, for some reason I have difficulty keeping it in place.  It is disconcerting when I'm sewing along and the table pops out.  Since I never use the foot pedal, when this happens I have to hold onto the platform and my project with one hand and press the stop button with the other.  Maybe I should use masking tape. If that sounds tacky, you would hate the photo of my favorite LOL Kat that I put in the cutesy photo frame the XR 7700 sports where the Innova's full color touch screen display would have been.  It is the one that says "I baked you a cookie, but I eated it."  But you can put your own favorite photo in the photo frame of your own XR 7700 if you decide to buy one.  I have already recommened this model to a few friends and would readily recommend it to you, too.   


San Jacinto, CA


Good Brother Sewing Machine for starters


My daughter got this sewing machine as a gift for christmas. She is only thirteen years old and just starting to sew. I have to say this sewing machine is simple to learn, great for beginners, simple to use. I enjoyed seeing her begin to sew and actually be able to run the machine herself. It also was a good value for the price, we looked at many machines before buying one and finally decided on this one. I feel we did make a good choice, of course there are a few things I would change if I could but then the machine would have to be more expense. If you are looking to learn how to sew or to teach your daughter to sew, this would be a good choice. I also like that it isn't huge and hard to store away. They do sell a cover you can purchase for it but we just went with the little plastic cover that was included. Because it is easy to use, my daughter has taken a liking to sewing which after all was our goal. Would recomend this sewing machine to beginners or someone who is not looking to get too detailed. Over all, very happy with our purchase. Also lightweight so can easily take from one room to another, which I feel is a plus.


Scranton, PA


Simple, versatile, inexpensive; just what I was looking for!


I bought this  Brother XR7700 sewing machine after I moved out of my parents' house, and loss the use of my mother's sewing machines.  Yes, several of them.  I wanted to sew terribly, but didn't have a lot of money to spend on a nice sewing machine.  While looking around at different brands, I found this one.  My mother had never had a Brother machine, she'd only had Janome, but the reviews that I was reading were all pretty good for the brand.  So I went ahead and bought one. Overall, I'm very pleased with the machine; it does everything I want and need it to, and there are many functions I've never used, but am confident that they will be easy to use and straight-forward.  Like others have mentioned, the hard case is somewhat flimsy, but not overly so.  It has taken some getting used to from the Janomes that my mother owns, but I have come to prefer this machine over her's.  I have been pleased with the number of tricks and gadgets that make it faster to sew, like the bobbin cutter for the lower bobbin spool.  To give you an idea how easy it was for me to thread the machine, the first night I had it, I threaded it with one hand, with a baby in the other!  It doesn't get much easier than that!  I love this machine.


Hollister, CA


Brother xr 7700 is full of features


I bought this sewing machine a little over a year ago.  I have done a lot of sewing through the years, but nothing too intense.  This is the first sewing machine I have purchased.  I chose this machine because it had the best reviews at a decent price. It has lots of fun stitches and clear instructions on what feet to use for each stitch.  The overall general instructions are easy to follow so set up was a breeze. I've never used a computerized sewing machine, but it is fun!  The screen is easy to understand and is very helpful for determining stitch length, etc. The needle threader is awesome!  I love that feature.  The lighting is decent.  You also have the option of not using the foot pedal.  I found this feature helpful for winding the bobbin. The sewing machine is light weight which makes it easy to carry around and pull down off of a shelf, if you need to.  Mine came with a case, which is a little flimsy but does the job. I have not had any trouble with this sewing machine, and I recommend it!


Kaysville, UT


Easy to use for beginners


After searching online for a sewing machine, I found one online from Costco. It was affordable and had lots of positive reviews from costomers who purchased it, the Brother XR7700 computerized sewing machine. That's the one I ended up buying. I'm glad I did. I'm just a beginner at sewing, and am learning by myself. So far, the sewing machine has been a real brother...(a good one). I've sewn a couple crib bedding sets with it and it has been great, had no problems with it. The manual is helpful when I do get a little problem. The digital display is nice and easy to chose the stitch and size of the stitch, and I love the little decorative stitches it has. I made a couple pillow cases, using the decorative stitch on the end, looks pretty. It also has an attachable table/ extension piece for the sewing machine for when you are making something bigger and need to hold the fabric up better. Also comes with lots of different sewing pieces and tools. I would reccomend it to anyone who doesn't know much about sewing, but enjoys it. The stitch choices are covered by a little door with a picture frame, so you can personalize it :)


Ferndale, WA


Brother Computerized Sewing Machine XR7700

4.4 8