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Brother Computerized Sewing Machine

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This Brother CS-8150 Is a great machine


I have been sewing for many years and when I first got this sewing machine, I loved it and used it for hour after hour. I have two Brother machines, and I like this one better because of the many different stitches. But, a couple of years ago, I started having problems with the tension and I know it needs repairing. The trouble is, repair is costly, and being a widow on a fixed income, it has taken me a while to get around to getting it fixed. And, there are no repair shops nearby me. I loved the automatic needle threading of this machine, which saves a lot of time. And, as I said, I really love the variety of decorative stitches I could use. Also, this machine is a heavier machine, so it does not "travel" on my sewing table when I am working on a project. But, beings I mostly work on quilts, and fairly simple things, my other Brother Sewing Machine has been working just as well. And, eventually, I will get the CS-8150 in for repair, because I get anxious to make some "fancy" things from time to time

Harrison, OH


i love my brother cs-8150!


I absolutely adore this machine!  It's so easy to use and durable too as I move my machines around in my studio according to what projects I'm working on at the moment.  I have 26 machines of various makes and models but this one is my favorite!

Warsaw, IL


Love this Brother Machine!


I have owned the Brother CS-8150 for about three years.  I have seven children and one granddaughter and I use my sewing machine for everything from clothing repairs to creating purses, bags and lunch sacks out of Capri Sun packets!   This is a very well made and durable machine.  I have never had any problems with it and it is very simple to switch the stitch style, length, etc....  I fully intend to teach my six daughters and my granddaughter how to sew and this machine will make it fun and easy to do.  There are several different needles and set ups available.  For example, you are able to use one or two needles when doing decorative stitching.  There is, of course, an automatic bobin winder as well as an automatic needle threader!  How cool is that?  This machine is portable and lightweight so I am able to easily bring it out and put it away when necessary.  It comes with a dust cover and several nice accessories. Brother is a trusted name and one that I will highly recommend.            

Sarasota, FL


Brother Computerized Sewing Machine

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