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Innov-is 4000D
Brother Computerized Embroidery & Sewing Machine

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This is my second Innovis and I love both of them; great quality


I rate this as the best product for your money. I have really had mine working hard and they have not let me down. Although I have had a few minor problems, with the work they have put out, I have not complaints. I would buy this product again without hesitation. Stitch Performance My monograms and sewing looks as good as the ones done on the more expensive brands such as the Bernina without spending so much more money. Ease of Use This machine is so easy to use, you can learn most without looking at the book. Fabric Handling There seems to be no problem going from one fabric type to another. This machine seems to work well on all fabrics except leather but that is to be expected. Versatility You can do just about anything with this machine. With extra attachments you can do anything on this machine as you can on any other embroidery machine and you still have a sewing machine to use too. Although I use mine more for embroidery, I still use it to sew from time to time. Design The design is exceptional. Durability This machine seems indestructible but I am sure it is not but it is as durable as I could ever hope for the money I spent. I am very happy with it.

Kings Mountain, NC


Brother Innov-Is 4500D Computerized Sewing Machne is wonderful


i actually have the brother innovis 4500d computerized sewing and embroidery machine and find it to be one of the most wonderful machines i've ever owned.  as a person who has sewn for 55 years, i have used several different sewing machines--from a 1940's singer that was given to my mother after he'd promised her a sewing machine if she had a baby girl (ME!!) , a pre-war treddle machine i got in germany, a newer singer i got for graduating from college, a pfaff my husband bought me when we lived in germany and i still have, and another brother computerized sewing and embroidery machine.  about three years ago my husband wanted me to have the newer brother innovis 4500d computerized machine and i love it.  i had made hundreds of things on my older brother and it worked well, but this newer brother innovis 4500d is a dream.  i have done a lot of embroidery on it, but mostly use it for quilting now.  it is fantastic in either mode!  i love it

Cashmere, WA


Love my Brother 4000D


I own the Brother Innovis-IS 4000D and LOVE it.  It is a sewing machine and embroidery machine in one.  It has a color touch screen.  You can switch beteen embroidering and sewing without changing base attachments to the machine.  It has an intuitive user interface.  You flip a switch on the base of the machine to denote whether the feed dogs are up or down (whether you are sewing or embroidering).  It takes a usb cord to hook it directly to a computer, it will also take brother cards (like you use with the PE Basic dongle device), and usb sticks.  You can upgrade the 4000D to a 4500 with a couple of relatively "inexpensive" upgrades.  With proper care and maintenance this machine will last you for a LONG time.  It is easy to use - uses a tiny hoop (for onesie size), the 4x4 hoop, the 5x7 hoop and the 8x10 hoop.  It comes with the ruffler foot.  It takes PES format files.  It comes with built in Disney designs (filled not applique).  This is a great buy!

Muskego, WI


Brother Computerized Embroidery & Sewing Machine

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