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Brother Computerized Embroidery Machine PE150

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Great starter machine


I bought the PE 150 embroidery machine mostly do make gifts for family and friends.  I like to make can koozies, towels, golf towels, and sweatshirts.  I found this machine very easy to use.  It does a great job and has not needed any major repairs in 5 years. I get most of my designs off the internet and edit them with embird so I have not use the preprogrammed designs much.  However, they are easy to program and use if you wish to used them.  I also bought a vikant ultimate box and card so I can transfer designs from my computer to the machine.  This works great.  I can create about anything I want.  I have found that my kids like to wear the items I make and there friend also ask for them too. The bobbin winder works great.  The thread winds smoothly and does not give me any problems. The only issue I have is that it is kind of loud and only does a 4 X 4 sewing area.  I soon found I would have like to be able to do a bigger design.


Lake City, SD


Brother PE-150 embroidery machine


I bought the Brother PE-150 about 12 years ago. I use it very sporadically as I don't do much embroidery but it does the job fine. It is a decent entry level embroidery machine that uses Brother embroidery cards (which are quite expensive). The newer ones have a USB connection so you can directly upload different designs to the machine - a big improvement. You can load designs to a writable brother embroidery card using the PE writer program and device, but that is also somewhat spendy. But it is a decent machine and makes lovely embroidery. I would cautiously recommend it - there are newer and better ones out now but if you can get a deal on the PE-150 with some cards (like used) then it is a decent buy. Larger hoops are available too. If cost is a consideration then do look into the costs of the accessories. I would get the largest hoop available for the machine. Oh and the thread sometimes has difficulty on the spool holder, and my repair guy recommended always putting the thread on a separate thread holder in the back (or some people also just put it in a clean mug) - (this is for all brands of embroidery machines, not just the Brother PE-150).


San Jose, CA


Brother PE-150 is a great little workhorse!


My PE-150 was given to me as a gift in 2003 as my introduction to the world of machine embroidery. Although the embroidery field only allows a 4in x 4in (100mm x 100mm) area, as long as you have the creative juices flowing, your projects are almost endless. I have had it serviced only two times in the last 7 years. I digitize my own designs so I use the machine a lot for test sews before selling my designs. I load the designs on an embroidery card and just keep the machine running all day. I have found that my machine was very particular to certain types of thread and it does not like the Organ brand needles, I have to put the Schmentz needles in it, but once I found out the little particulars of this machine, I have no problems what so ever. I purchased the 5 x 7 hoop for this machine to cut down set up time. The hoop is adjustable to 3 different positions, so if you want to line up designs across the bottom of a dress for example, all you have to do is move the hoop into a new position and it will be lined up with the last design you just stitched. Over all I have been extremely satisfied with this machine. If you have one, I do not recommend selling it to upgrade, after-all, you can never have too many embroidery machines!


Austin, MN


Brother Computerized Embroidery Machine PE150

4.3 3