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Innov-ís 2500D
Brother Computerized Embroidery Machine Innov-is

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Can't figure out what to do


My husband bought this machine online. I've had tried and tried to find out how to do three letter circle monograms. USELESS.

Greensboro, North Carolina


I love my Brother InnovisD!


I purchased my Brother Innovis 2500D as an upgrade from my Brother 270D and what an upgrade it was!  It was like upgrading from a low end economy car to a luxury car. This machine sews and embroiders like a dream.  The embroidery field goes all the way up to 6" X 10".  I have had this machine for 2 years and it's been a real work horse for me.  It sews like a dream and embroiders the same.  It was about 10 times more expensive then the low end machine but if you sew or do a lot of machine embroidery it was an expense that has been very well worth it.  My old machine would give me a thread nest in nearly every design I embroidered.  I have yet to get a thread nest in 2 years of embroidery.  There are so many things that I love about this machine.  It has quite a few editing functions built into the machine including resizing, rotation and lettering.  The color display is wonderful also.  My local dealer has been wonderful to work with. This is not a small, portable machine so don't get this if you need a machine you can easily pack up.  Now it does come with a carrying case for both the machine and the embroidery unit so it can be taken with you if needed.  The machine is heavy though. It's self threading and it has a drop in bobbin with a clear cover so you can check at glance how much thread is left on the bobbin. This is not an inexpensive machine, even purchased used.  It is a top of the line machine and is was my guilty indulgence.  I have found that it was worth every penny I spent.

Magna, UT


Brother Computerized Embroidery Machine Innov-is

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