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Brother All-In-One InkJet Printer

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The Brother MFC-790CW Wireless All-In-One Printer is good


The Brother MFC-790CW Color Inkjet All-in-one printer has turned out to be a pretty handy jack of all trades for my home office since it can make calls, fax, copy, print and scan. It has proven to be a good workhouse for the various things I've needed Considering there is a fax machine, telephone, printer, copier and scanner in this device, it is amazingly simple to use and operate. There really aren't that many different things you have to worry about to use the various functions. Choosing functions is as simple as pushing the correct function button on the machine front. In the center of the printer front is an adjustable touch color screen that lets you access the set up menus and change various settings in the MFC-790CW. It also alerts you when there is an issue like low ink or a paper jam. I like the touch screen aspect of the screen, it makes it easy to quickly navigate around without having to deal with menu keys. For connections, you can either connect the MFC-790CW to your computer directly via a USB cord or you can connect it to your network through an Ethernet line or via a wireless connection I've had my MFC-790CW for about a year and besides having to replace ink cartridges from time to time I haven't had any problems with my device. Quality wise I've been happy too. The printer works well and the output is clean and crisp. The same goes for the copier. Faxes are easy to send and the few that I have received come through quickly and print out as well as you'd expect with a fax. I love the scanner, mostly because I can set up those programs to make scanning different kinds of things quick and easy since I don't have to adjust settings on every scan. My only caution would be is that I think this is a low-volume machine. If you're looking for a networked multi-purpose machine to support multiple people, I would say look at something else if you have more than 2 or 3 people to support. You'd just be changing ink cartridges way too often with all that printing. **My Take** I'm really glad that I got the MFC-790CW for my home office and I'd have no problem recommending it to others with a home office that needs a general purpose multi-function machine.  


Metrowest, MA


Brother MFC-790cw All-in-One Printer gets an A+


Never before have a come across a printer like this, at such a low price. Brother has done it again, with their phenomenal line of office products. After witnessing the failure of not one, but three HP printers we decided to go with another brand. This unit features a great touch screen, easy to use fax machine, scanner (which lets you choose one of many places that the scanned image can be sent to). The other great feature that sold us on this printer was the fact that it features a built-in wireless care for printer sharing. No more USB cords or other unnecessary cords are needed. The setup for the wireless was a bit tricky at first, even for someone with college education in computer hardware. But we called Brother and they guided us over the phone and it was done! The look of it is not super cool, but appealing enough. I feel bad replacing a perfectly excellent canon 610 scanner / printer with this, but I needed the fax and I was tired of being tethered to the computer. Plus, several of the canon printers say wireless, but only are for bluetooth camera phones. This Brother printer is true wifi, and can handle WEP, WPA and I think one other security protocols I didn't recognize. You type in the codes right on the touch screen to connect to your network. Please consider this printer! You won't be sorry!


Appleton, WI


The Brother name is the one to own.


I am here to tell you the Brother Printer is the one to own.  We purchased our printer all-in-one due to our old one breaking down.  Last year,  my daughter had a science project for the science fair to do.  She chose to do on which foods ants would go for first.  The project needed labels, titles, and pics.  I accomplished that with the Brother printer.  I was able to pull and print the pics right off our digital camara.  You can also scan right into a specified file onto your computer,  or can burn pics onto a cd.  I have also had the opportunity to use the fax feature.   I have sent and recieved faxes;  the process was quite easy to do even without reading the manuel.  You can also set it up to print info onto envelopes.  As far as the cartridges,  it needs four total,  and they are so easy to replace.  I will always look to Brother for all my printer needs.  They have never let me down. 


Callahan, FL


Brother All-In-One InkJet Printer

4.7 3