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Brookstone Jewelry Cleaner

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A "luxury" item for your jewelry.


I was having a hard time cleaning my wedding ring and engagement ring, and was very envious of the sparkle that the sales associates always made my rings have after a cleaning. My husband on a whim decided to purchase the Brookstone Jewelry Cleaner for me and while it did a good job at cleaning my rings, it was not as impressive or as good at cleaning my rings like the sales associates did. I felt that this ring cleaner was a bit of a waste, and wasn't worth the money in my opinion.



brookstone jewlery cleaner


i won this at a raffle and thought it was just another peice of junk i would never use or have use for. i do wear a lot of jewlery but this "washing machine" type seemed a bit much for any household no matter how much jewlery you wear. i typically wash mine with soap and water or i buy those jewlery cleaning bottles that can be purchased at any jewlery counter. this jewlery clean is quite strange and not nice looking at all. its bulky and doesnt fit anywhere on my sink so i tried it out on the kitchen table. although i love the brookstone store, i feel that some of their stuff is a little strange including this. i really have no use for it and plan on keeping it in the basement or asking friends if they would want it.

Beverly Hills, CA


Who really needs a machine to wash jewelry


I received the Brookstone Jewelry Cleaner as a gift.  I love gadgets and the gift giver thought that this would be the ideal electronic gift for me.  However, what they did not know was that, the gadget must also have some practical use, or else be extremely cute.  The Brookstone Jewelry Cleaner is neither cute nor practical.  Who needs a machine to clean things that 20 seconds of running water and a bit of soap can do? The machine likes like a mini washing machine, but is really too big to fit on a bathroom vanity or bedroom table, the places you would most likely want to use it.  It does clean suppossedly by ultrasonic waves, so it requires just a bit of water, no soap or detergent. The weirdest part is that they give you a special attachment meant to clean CDs and DVDs.  Why would you want a shinier DVD?  It does not repair a skip like some machines claim to do, it just makes it cleaner!  I found that incredibly funny.

North Hollywood, CA


Brookstone Jewelry Cleaner

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