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Best Grill I've Ever Used


First off, CyndiA, I can't stand reviews from people who ***have not even used this grill!***Now for those who want a *real* review from someone who actually *has used the grill *(I own one, 'natch ^_^) this is for you.The key point to my review is this: The Broil-King Signet 90 is an inredible grill for the money. If you're in the market for a gas grill that will make you wonder what it was you were grilling on before, this is the one for you. The temperatures are HOT, and the heat levels are rock steady across the grates! Here's an example that might illustrate what I'm talking about.The very first time using this grill I chunked down two New York Strip Steaks at 1 1/4" thick. The first I diamond-grilled at 1:45x4, which came out a gorgeous tip-above-rare, and the second I cooked at 2:15x4 which came out equally gorgous medium. Do these time sound familiar? Thought so! But do you know *why this sounds familiar? I'll tell you!As I said, this was the first time using this grill, so I had no experiance with nuances ever grill seems to have. Best bet was to go with the established diamond-grilling rule (look it up). This grill worked so flawlessly that I didn't need to learn ANY nuances, the very first grill, by the book, produced textbook results! I was amazed!Construction of the grill is, how to put it.. engineered. This is NOT a made in Chiona barbecue that is a grab-bag of nearly fitting parts and mis-aligned srewholes. This is a Made in Waterloo Canada engineered Grill, where everything fits perfectly flush and straight, and every hole lines up exactly. Never havge I put together a more well made grill. Mistakes can happed in some cases however, as my grill came with a cabinet dood whose moulding was off, causing misalignment. Called Customer Service, and in 5min, she informed me it was on the way. Three days later it was delevered to my door.That brings me to another point which may or may not be a selling point for you  (it was for me, a major one). Customer Service from Broil-King is friendly, Canadian (maybe a few eh's though, eh?) and has a no-questions asked policy of warranty. Warranty is Lifetime for the Oven, 5 years for the Burners, Grill Grates, Flames Spreaders, and Zone Partitions. @ years for all remaining parts (however word is they usually honour warranty on lesser parts regardless of purchase date, unconfirmed).Highlights of the features are the zone partitions, which they call 'Flav-R-Zone', Don't laugh, these really work well. The Heat spreaders are full grill length, and are designed to vapourize dripping on contact, treating the food with the essence, rather than dumping drippings into the bottom of the grill. This works well, but obviously a great amount of grease still makes it to the bottom. Then call this Flav-R-Wave. The Burners are seriously high-end. The tube-in-tube design actually managed to distribute heat evenly from front to back! I've tested this feature and it works amazingly well. One caveat is that the last inch at the back of the grill is cooler than the rest when I tested the temps. This is the best set of burners I've ever seen. The Grill Knobs are very adjustable in small increments, allowing very fine adustment. This grill gets hot FAST, and retains heat extremely well.The Side Shelves are sturdy, and drop down to make the grill more compact for storage (be sure to disconnect the side-burner first, as the elements can adversly affect a stressed hose). The bottom base (not thecabinet, but litterally the VERY bottom base) is plastic, which I've heard many gripe about. I can understand many wanting all metal on a grill at this price, but I think they aren't seeing it for the blessing it is, and strictly in my opinion, I think Broil-King designed it that way.You see, I grill all year round. Winter is a great time of the year for grilling, but the longest grill covers almost never cover the base of the grill, and every grill I've ever owned with a metal base (all but one) has seen it eroded in a few years from the conditions. The plastic base should see this grill surviving winters well I believe, provided your cover extends to the base.On to the rotisserie, and all I can say is wow. This is an actual dedicated flame-burner rotisserie folks, not those awful infrared burner blocks (sorry Mike, I know you love your grill ^_^). The difference between my buddy's infrared rotisserie burner and Broil-King's actual flame rotisserie is like the difference between going to Montana's Steakhouse and Denny's. There is no substitute for real flame.I will concede that Broil-King could not have an infrared burner even if it wanted to I believe(thank goodness for that) as it has an aluminum oven, which wouldn't withstand the intense directional heat of one. I am happy for this, as it removes temptation to go with the inferior infrared.One thing that I'll mention beforehand is if you're used to cooking on a cheap grill, read up on proper grilling, as 98% of the time this grill is not meant to cook on high (read as HIGH, not Preheat-High or 'MAX') as mostly you'll wan't to preheat to 500-550, then set to medium,or maybe medium-high (medium-low for over 1 3/4")for your steaks, that way you sear to seal in the juices, then cook lower to heat the inside. High has it's uses, but not often, just be careful not to overcook as High (again HIGH, not Preheat-HIGH) will bring the internal temp to 600+ degrees if all three burners are on..The side-burner if well made, and is stainless steel not brass, so you know it'll outlast you! It is, sadly, underpowered like most grill side-burners. It takes a very long time to boil water, especially if there is a breeze (on a windy day forget it, boil water in the kitchen). For a pot large enougfh for six ears of corn, put the water on with the items already immersed (not noodles of course) leaving enough time for the 15-25 minutes it might take to bring the water to a boil and you're good. I don't criticize the grill for this, as it is common with nearly every grill out there.So far I have cooked Ribs, both Pork and Beef, Lamb, Rotisseried Chicken Roasts and Whole Stuffed Peppers (tricky), made garlic bread, cooked breakfast, corn on the cob, everything you can imagine, and so far my results have been so good, it makes me giddy. I truly am in love with this grill.If this review seems overly positive, well, tough. I call 'em as I see 'em, and this grill deserves it!To summarize:RATING:Features:         * * * * *                                                  Materials:         * * * *                                                                Lower Signet 90 Models use Moulded Plastic Shelves.Grilling:            * * * * * +                                                          Wonderful grilling experience.Quality:            * * * * *                                                  Truly engineered.Deck Appeal    * * *                                                 Personally, I love it's looks, but some may notValue               * * * * * +                                                This grill will outperform most grills at twice it's price.OVERALL:       4.7 / 5By far this is the best grill I've ever used in this price range (and above)

Beverly Hills, CA


Broil King Signet 90

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