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Broil King Monarch 20

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A Great Grill for a Reasonable Price


We bought this grill, because we didn't want to spend a lot on a grill, but yet wanted the great taste of grilling. So far, this grill has fulfilled both of these expectations. Performance So far, we've had no problems with it. The food tastes real good. Versatility It's not so heavy, so even I can move it where I want to , and cook a couple different items on it. Ease of Use It may be a bit smaller, but for just two people, I can prepare 2 or 3 items at the same time, and have a complete meal cooked at one time. Ease of Cleaning I just use some hot, soapy water and let the grills soak. It then cleans very easily. Durability It's very durable. We move it to several different locations very easily. Design We like the design, small enough, yet easy to use.

Hay Springs, NE


grill surface is wonderful


The Broil King Monarch 20 has been our best grill so far. We have looked at the Weber grills for so long we almost fell for one that was bigger than the little table top one we currently have. This Broil King Monarch 20 with the two side trays that bend down and the little open cabinet below to store the propane tank just met our needs, plus it's on wheels for portability. There are several heating knobs to choose from to regulate the heat and depending on what you are grilling you can watch the temperature with the temperature gauge. We still use a thermometer just to be safe. The taste of the food is phenomenal even without using any wood to give it a different flavor. The flame is easy to control and the cover is so heavy duty that it doesn't get that burnt look. The grills are very heavy duty as well so the food is easy to clean up afterwards. A variety of foods can be grilled very easily and there is lots of surface if you need it. Or you can use just one grill on one side depending on how much food you have to grill.   There is a bun warmer above the grill should you so choose to use it. That is very handy because it doesn't burn the bread.

Kalamazoo, MI


Broil King Monarch 20

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