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Broan 15TCBB Cutting Board (Butcher block)

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Pretty Good


This is a pretty good cutting board. I use for vegetables as well as meat. I've had it for couple of month now and it still holds good. The size is big enough to fit everything. I've been hammering those frozen chicken and has been behaving good till now. These don't have that marks from the knife so easily so overall its a good product to have. I would definitely recommend it.

Kirksville, MO


Long lasting and durable


I cook a lot and needed a very good cutting board. This one definitely met my needs in terms of size and durability. It lasted a very long time (almost eight months) before it started looking a little beat up. By month ten, it started looking a little discolored and it was at around the one-year mark where I noticed it had slight chips in it and I suspected mold. None of the other cutting boards I've owned lasted this long.

Brooklyn, NY


Broan 15TCBB Cutting Board (Butcher block)

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