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Britney Spears
Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy Perfume

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Another amazing perfume by Britney Spears


I love the smell of the Fantasy line of perfume. Midnight Fantasy is a great perfume for day or night. With an easy to spray bottle, using it is a breeze. I use it almost daily for work and really love it. I always get compliments when using this product.



a pretty scent...but not for everyday wear


About the product:   *Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears Perfume for Women takes you on a magical journey from day to night An intoxicating elixir of luscious fruits invites you into a mysterious realm of temptation and intrigue. A seductive floral bouquet mingles with sensuous musks and dark amber to create an unforgettable midnight fantasy. "What happens to you when the clock strikes twelve?"* * **Fragrance Notes:** Black Cherry, Raspberry, Plum, Iris, Night Blooming Orchid, Freesia, Vanilla, Amber, Musk.*   Background on my perfume preferences: I am the type of person who likes to smell a person's perfume when you are about a foot away from them...and I only like to smell a light hint of it.  That's about all that I can handle. I hate it when people smell like they just misted the bottle on themselves.  Other that that--I enjoy subtle floral and sweet hints in perfumes and a little musk as well.  I like warm scents and they also have to have a mix of clean to them too. For this particular perfume I bought it when I went into a perfume store to get a new scent.  I was getting bored of what I had and they were running a 2 for 1 deal.  I decided on this one...but I do have to say that it smelled a little bit better in the store.  I like it...but I dont love it.  It is definitely a florally and fruity scent. I think the fruitiness is what throws me off of loving it.  Maybe its the black cherry, maybe the raspberry--I cant put my finger on it...but one of the fruity scents is too overpowering.  It smells better as it is worn off a little...and dont get me wrong...I do like it...but I wont be buying it again.

Toledo, OH


Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy Perfume is the best!


this perfume is one of the best scents i have ever smelt. it is so refreshing and sweet. i spray this perfume all the time, and it never fails on me. i have the real one and the fake one and i just cant get enough of it. if u are considering the perfume a suggest u just buy it !! u wont be dissappointed. the way i found out this was a wonderful perfume is i gave my sister it as a gift and one day i smelt her and thats when i just fell in love. compared to Britney's other perfumes this is probably one of the best ones. this is a smell i think no one can get sick of. its just so beautiful that words cant even describe. i really cant find anything bad about this perfume, other than it doesnt last as long as i want it to... but it still lasts a pretty long time.

Oakland, CA


Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy Perfume smells lovely


I love trying out new perfumes and was excited to try out Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy Perfume. Just the name invokes an excitement, and it does have a great scent. It's so romantic and sexy smelling! I share perfumes within my family, and exchange them with my friends when I get bored, so I get to try out many different scents. Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy Perfume smells quite sweet and beautiful to me, and all my friends love it too. I recommend it to everyone I meet. Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy Perfume is quite reasonably priced and the bottle is quite big. I use it almost every day and it still seems to last a really long time. I use Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy Perfume for all occasions, whether for work or a night out. It works for all occasions, and folks complement me on it all the time. It really makes me feel good that so many people want to know what perfume I am wearing. I will certainly buy Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy Perfume again once I run out. It doesn't cost too much and it smells lovely!

East Brunswick, NJ


Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy is My Favorite By Far


This is going to sound weird but when I breathe in the scent of Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy perfume I smell fruity pebbles cereal, I know that sounds crazy, but that's what I think of. Maybe it's because it was a favorite of mine as a child that makes me love the perfume so much now as an adult, it just has this perfect smell, this soft and yet fruity scent that just hangs all over your body, although one gripe I have is that I have not ever seen a lotion for it, I don't know why they wouldn't make one for it, unless it got discontinued and I just never noticed it on the shelves. I usually end up buying my Britney Spears perfumes from a local store at the mall, they have tons of different kinds of brands etc, I heard one person say that they weren't making this anymore, so maybe she meant in department stores of malls and etc. Out of all of the fantasy collections, this one is my favorite so far and has gotten me the most compliments.

Morgantown, WV


You'll be socked, it's nice!


Okay, sounds crazy that any real celebrity fragrance is worth the hype. Most times they have nothing to do with the actual formulation of the product, but they want the public to really believe otherwise. However, I must say that I really like this particular fragrance. She hit a homerun witht his one. It has a rather mature, but fresh scent. Great for everyday wear and you can layer it on a few times without it being over powering. Especially, now that you can find this in drug stores for relatively "cheap", you almost can not go wrong. I see on someone's review they claim it is no longer made, but I always see it in the stores, department and smaller retail chains. I would recommend this scent to my friends that like variety and don't mind having a lower end fragrance in their collection. This scent might not fly over too well with women that like a more well thought out fragrance with clear scent notes.

Stafford, TX


Lots Of Compliments!


I wasn't too sure about this at first because I am 38 years old and this is by Britney Spears.  I get LOTS of compliments every time I wear it! People are always asking me what kind it is.  Definately recommend!

York, PA


My favorite


I absolutely love this scent by Spears. Its my nu,ber one favorite. I wear it everytime I have a girls night out. I get so many compliments when I wear it especially from the males. I have recommended to all my friends and family and even bought a bottle for my older sister for christmas.

Las Vegas, NV


Scent Isn't Great


I purchased this product along with three other Britney Spears fragrances: Curious, Fantasy, and Believe. I'd have to say that Midnight Fantasy was by far the worst of the four fragrances. Fantasy smelled amazing, Curious was alright, Believe was very generic and reminded me of an old lady smell, but Midnight Fantasy was just plain undesireable. First of all, people who loved Fantasy were assumed to love Midnight Fantasy as well, but this is not the case. The two fragrances could not be fruther apart from each other in the way they smell! Fantasy smells like sugary cupcakes of some kind, but Midnight Fantasy reminds me of old grapes. It definitely has some kind of artificial grape-like scent to it that almost makes me feel nauseous when I wear it. It has a distinct smell like Fantasy to where you can smell it on yourself, but whenever I could smell it, I didn't want to. Something about it just smells gross.

Beaverton, OR


fantastic perfume


Britney spears perfume is amazing.My favorite scents are by far midnight fantasy and fantasy.Midnight fantasy is such an amazing smell.It smells sexy and fun all at the same time.It is a strong smell,but not too strong.When you wear this scent people will notice that you have it on because it is that amazing.I always get compliments when i wear my midnight fantasy perfume.It is one of the best perfumes out there.the fact that it is by britney spears is great also.Most of her scents are really amazing and sensuous. The bottles can be a bit pricey,but since the smell is relatively strong you do not have to use much at all.The bottle will last for quite a while.The bottles are absolutely gorgeous looking too.One of the best looking perfume bottles out there.I almost hate to throw them away when I am out of the perfume.I would definately ressommend this product to every girl out there because it is sucha  fantastic scent.

Louisville, KY


Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy Perfume

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