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Britax Vigour Stroller

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Drives like a caddilac!


This stroller was given to us, and to be honest is likely not what I would have picked for myself largely due to the price and size of the thing, but boy am I glad we got it! It drives over the bumpiest hilliest streets with ease, and is super easy to manuever. It turns on a dime, and my husband loves pushing it as much as me thanks to the easy adjust handle. Any stroller that gets daddy excitied is a winner in my book!


San Francisco, CA


One of the best!


The Britax Vigour Is one of the best strollers I've ever owned. This stroller is versatile, chic and stylish. Every time I am out and about with my daughter I get comments about how modern and fun it looks. The seat is comfortably padded, can face forwards or rearwards, which is great for growing kids. The steering and handling of this stroller is the best I have ever seen. It is actually a joy to use while walking/shopping. It also has a large basket underneath, which is also great for shopping. The seat can be up straight or reclined easily with a handle on the back.The only con i think this stroller has is the sun visor is a bit small and doesn't have much coverage from the sun.It doesn't come with drink holders wither but offers a lot of different accessories you can buy. Other than that I would say this stroller is great quality and is worth spending the extra money for.The plum color is fantastic too!!


Port Richey, FL


I love britax.


Britax brand is great, I have been buying their products for a long time. I had the other britax stroller and it lasted well over a year and then I decided to pass it on to someone who needed a stroller I so wanted this one because I knew someone who had it but my son is 2 now and I think he is too big too invest in another stroller but next baby I will be getting this one.


Bronx, NY


Great stroller, great price


It took us some research to decide on this stroller, but we're very pleased with this purchase. Pro: It has huge wheels that makes it very stable, sturdy. Perfect with the Companion infant seat. It's very nice looking and a lot cheaper than PegPrego, or Boogaboo, so you feel different (special) when you go out (kind of like using AMEX black...) I have other mothers talking to me or smiling to me in the mall, because they have the same strollers! Con: It's very big, so if you have a small car, it may not fit. Even with our Volvo XC 70, it feels cramped in the trunk. You have to recline the seat a little bit to fit.  Without taking the seat off, it's almost impossible for a petite girl like me to lift it and put it in the car, but after a while, you'll develop the muscles for it.  And when this thing is in the trunk, forget about going grocery shopping. Overall this is a very good stroller and I would recommend to anyone who has a big cargo space.


Shrewsbury, MA


Britax Vigour Stroller

4.8 4