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Booster Car Seats
Britax Regent Booster Car Seat

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Great seat but big and heavy


We bought this seat for our 4 year old son because we want to keep him in a 5 point harness as long as possible.  It is a great seat, but it is really large and heavy.  It is also the cheapest Britax that will allow bigger, heavier children to remain in a 5 point harness.  The seat would be great if you were able to leave it in one car and not have to move it very often.  Unfortunately, we have to move car seats from one car to another and back a few times a week.  We ended up getting the Britax Frontier instead because it is not quite as big and heavy and still allows for older kids to be in a 5 point harness, but it is more expensive than the Regent and I would have preferred the Regent if we only had to leave it in one car.  Britax seats have a great safety record and they are the only seats we have owned.  I would definitely recommend this seat to any family with the right situation.


Scottsdale, AZ


Regent is big for sure but safe.


We actually didn't purchase this car seat.  A friend of ours had 2 and since her husband was deploying she wasn't going to need both.  So we took it.  Our son is 4.5 and I want to keep him in a five point harness for as long as I possibly can.  Well...with that in mind this is defintely the car seat for him.  It is huge.  Definitely not something that you would take with you on an airplane or back and forth between cars.  My son who is not even a small child looks like a baby in it.  I even went as far as to sit in it myself and I can fit.  It is that big.  I would suggest to people who have sedans not to buy this. Definitely an SUV or van type car seat.  The fabric is very easy to keep clean and he seems very comfortable and most importantly safe in it.  I do wish that there was a cup holder.  It has two small mesh pockets on either side but very hard to put any sort of cup in it.  Of course with the amount of room in it he can just place the cup next to him in the seat!!!


Honolulu, HI


Love this for my 5 year old!


We absolutely love this Britax Regent car seat.  It is amazing.  We searched all over for a full sized car seat that would be comfortable for my tall five year old.  But I wanted something that still had a five point harness, not a booster type car seat.  The Regent was the one we felt most comfortable using because Britax is the only car seat brand we've ever owned.  We know they are safe and good quality and we've been very happy with the three Britax seats that we have owned.  They are a little more costly than some of the other seats but they are worth every single penny! They are easy to install in car, which was really important to us, and it also fits great in our Honda Odyssey.  The straps are easy to adjust as well, which is a major plus.  It has different height and seat adjustments that are very handy to have, especially with how fast kids grow!  When it comes time for my daughter to have another car seat, this is definitely the one we will chose again!


Jacksonville, FL


The Britax Regent is amazing! Huge, comfy & safe!


We have two of these and the matching print in the Marathon for our youngest.  The Regent is awesome.  We had to find a carseat that was 5-point harness up to older kids.  I love having my 6 and 8 year old still in the 5pt harness!  They love the seats, they are so roomy and comfy.  When they have had to sit in other carseats on RARE occasions they hate them!


Columbus, OH


great for bigger toddlers


Great seat if you have a toddler that is big for their age but not yet ready to be in a booster seat. We did not want our son in a booster for safety reasons after he outgrew his 5 point harness at only 2.5 years old. The seat seems very comfy for him. I do wish there was a cup holder since when he is in this seat it doesn't seem like he has enough room between his legs nad the harness to sit his cup. The straps tangle easy for us and  I thought with a seat that cost this much they would tangle at all. Seat is VERY hard for me to install.I can barely get my hands through the back to thread the seatbelt through. Fabric is very nice and easy to wipe off if something is spilled on it.


Davenport, IA


Great for tall/big kids


Love this car seat for my son.  He is pretty tall for his age and not light. He is only 2 1/2  so we didn't want to move him to a non-5 point harness seat.  WIth this seat he has plenty of room to grow and will be safer for a lot longer.  I do wish they had more fabric options or covers you could buy for this size of seat.


Woodinville, WA


It was just what I was looking for and needed.


   I am an active grandmother in my grandson's life.  It was a hastle to keep switching the car seat from my daughter's car to my minivan.  I decided to watch for sales on a good car seat once he outgrew his infant seat.   I am a discount store shopper, and a price comparison shopper, but the safety of my precious grandson was much more important to me.  I was fortunate enough to find this car seat at an extremely reasonable price.     I am also a clean freak and want my grandson to be in the cleanest environment as possible.  I love the fact that this five harness car seat is not only safe, but easy to clean and keep clean.  It fits perfectly in the back bucket seat.  The height is great for him and his size allowing him to look out the window.    The detachable cup holder was a great added feature since my grandson likes to travel with his sippy cup.  I also appreciate the adjustible shoulder straps.  He is a bit taller than most children his age so this seat will grow with him.    It is a good quality product at a very reasonable price which I would highly recommend to anyone.


Montrose, MI


So Much Safer than a Booster


I initiallly looked at the Regent because my daugher is tall and thin, so she outgrew the shoulder height on every carseat without weighing enough to move to a booster (at 40 lbs, I think the ones that say 30 lbs aren't safe).  As I researched more, I became a believer that a booster is not the best option even after 40 lbs.  My daughter is now 6 and still hasn't hit 40 lbs, but is comfortable in her Regent and will be for a long time to come.  She still has several shoulder height positions to grow into.  The seat is heavy, but to me that adds to the feeling of safety - it is built like a tank!  I am confident that it is the safest option for her, and while the price was painful, you can't put a price tag on your child's safety.  The fabric is easy to wipe clean and she says the seat is comfortable.  The LATCH connections installed easily in our Kia Sedona.  I am about to purchase a second Regent for my 2 year old and have already used my niece's Regent to verify that two of these will fit on the middle row bench seat.  My seat was involved in the safety upgrade - we received notice from Britax that they developed an even safer way of installing the seat.  It wasn't exactly a recall, because the current method already exceeded standards, they just made it even better.  We received a new LATCH strap, anti-slip strips, and instructions and were able to make the conversion without too much hassle.  I appreciate a company that goes to the expense of making their products even better when they are already good.  I wish that I had bought Britax from the start and plan to for my third child.


Huntington, IN


This is a very big, but safe car seat.


I have a 5 year old girl who weighs 42 pounds.  When she out grew her other car seat we were looking for a booster seat for her.  She was barley 40 lbs and I did not want to put her in a seat that just used the seat belt.  I was looking for a 5 point harness  car seat.  I looked for several months before deciding on the Britax Decathalon.  It is a very heavy car seat, but very safe.  It holds up to 80 lbs, most car seats do not.  We chose this one for safety  and piece of mind.  It is not very tranfer in to other cars, but I know my daughter is safe when riding With others.  This car seat/booster is a bit pricey but well worth it.  The main points- 5 point harness holds up to 80 lbs safe We bought 2 of them and  I had my mother buy one for her car too.


Sugar Land, TX


Britax is the safest and best option for our precious child!


I initiallly looked at the Britax Regent because we had used the Britax Marathon when our daughter was younger and smaller and were extremely well satisfied with it.  When she was outgrowing the Marathon in height, we decided to move up to the Regent and haven't regretted it.  While it is admittedly large and heavy, it is very safe and stable. Our little girl is comfortable in her Regent and will be for a long time to come; she still has several shoulder height positions to grow into.  I am confident that it is the safest option for her, and while the price was high in comparison to other brands, you can't put a price tag on your child's safety.  The fabric is easy to wipe clean and we appreciated the styling and color - it's black and dark gray, no wild, loud prints that don't coordinate with the rest of the card. As another reviewer noted, our seat was involved in the safety upgrade a couple of years ago - we received notice from Britax that they developed an even safer way of installing the seat.  It wasn't a recall, because the existing method already exceeded standards - it was simply an improvement to an already-great system.  We received a new LATCH strap, anti-slip strips and instructions, and my husband was able to make the conversion with ease.  I appreciate a company that stays at the forefront of safety developments and provides attractive, sturdy, reliable seating for our most precious cargo - our kids. We've been more than happy with Britax and would recommend the Regent to anyone who thinks they are ready to move their child to a booster - 5 point seating harnesses are proven FAR safer even for much older youngsters. Go for the Regent and you can look forward to years of comfortable, safe traveling with your little ones. One caveat:  if you have a very small car, the Regent might be a bit cramped - it does require a good bit of space.  For us it has worked well in both a mini SUV and a full sized SUV.    


Livermore, CA


Britax Regent Booster Car Seat

4.6 61