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Britax Husky Car Seat

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The producer liked that good product and very useful


Good size and in multiple entities and ports for our children



My daughter, at almost 8, still LOVES this seat--'nuff said


We bought this seat for our daughter when she was four, as a "booster" seat for one of our cars.  We have never taken it out since then, and she still, at almost 8, prefers this seat to a tiny little booster or even no booster.   We had feared that she would be self-conscious about being in a "carseat" with the five-point harness, but that has never happened.  She says it is totally comfortable, which is why she prefers it, and we pointed out to her a long time ago that race car drivers wear five point harnesses--so it's not for babies, it's for safety.  She's big enough now to not use a booster at all, but won't let us remove the seat.  So I would vote a big "yes", even though I don't know anyone else who has one.  It is really heavy though, so it should be installed as a "permanent" fixture.


Medford, MA


LOVE IT...would not use another


This carseat is the best investment we have made.  Not only is it safe but our three year old is very comfy in it as well.  He can fall asleep and not have his head fall forward has to side supports.  I don't honestly have anything bad to say about it except that it is very heavy and to secure I needed a little help from the husband.  Other than that it is the "perfect" seat!


Hopedale, IL


High quality big kid seat with a 5 point harness


The seat is enormous, heavy to carry or switch cars with and the straps tend to get tangled unlike other Britax seats. However, I still give these seat high marks because I wanted a 5 point harness for my older child and it prevents him from bending down or not being in the seat belt properly like almost every child I have ever seen in a booster seat.  Race car drivers don't use seat belts, they use 5 point harness system because it is safer.


Atlanta, GA


It's really comfortable!


I love Britax for it's safey record, but this review is from my six year old daughter who has been riding in her Britax Husky for about 2 years.  Prior to that, she had a Britax Marathon, and before that, a Roundabout:"If I have to sit in a booster seat, I never want to because I like the other one better.  If you fall asleep in it, it's really good because it has a softer thingy at the top of it.  Booster seats have a strap thingy that kind of chokes you, but my car seat has comfortable straps.  It can get some problems, like sometimes dirt gets in the bottom part, but you learn to ignore that.  I can stay in it for about 10 hours, then I get alittle tired.  I just love my carseat!"


Portland, OR


Britax Husky Car Seat

4.8 5