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Britax Frontier Booster Car Seat

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nice and easy to clean i like it so mush ūüíĮ




Great car seat for taller kids


After going through several car seat with our first daughter, two of which were so poor quality, we couldnt even hand them down to our second daughter when she born, 19 months later, we deciced to buy a Britax. Though pricey, if we had just purchased that first, we would have saved money! Our oldest daughter was needing a bigger car seat, because she is tall, and we decided on this car seat, because it would fit her until 80 lbs. we figured, once she was old enough, she would move into a backless booster anyways, and then we could pass them down to our second daughter. This was a great decision, because the car seat has more than lasted, and now our second daughter, who is 3.5 is using it and it is perfect for her, because she is tall as well. The cons would be, it is pretty heavy, but other than that, it is a great car seat! i love that it will fit my daughter until she is ready for a booster, and because the car seat is in such great shape, it will be perfect for our third child!


Huntington Beach, CA


Best Booster Carseat


This seat was my number one choice after reading all the reviews and safety features. I am a huge fan of the britax car seats to say the least. This seat is so reliable and safe. The 5 point harness system really secures the child and makes me feel so much better about my child's safety. The pads are so easy to remove and clean on this seat, They come out looking like new every time. The padding is soft and I never have a complaint from an uncomfortable toddler. This seat is great for growing children holding up to 85 lbs! We love the cup holders yes there are 2 of them! The true side impact head piece really makes this seat one of the top rated in safety. It is such a great seat and we have loved using it!


Springville, UT


Our son doesn't feel like a baby in this seat


We have had the Britax Frontier for almost 2 years now and we love it. It has fit perfectly in my 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee!My son is almost 5 and he doesn't mind being in this seat because it's not designed like a baby seat. It's much more like a booster but he is still much more protected in the five point harness than in just a booster. My son sleeps in it comfortably on long trips and it keeps him nice and snug without being uncomfortable. My son is on the small side for his age so for a smaller child this seat will work forever... for him probably until he's at the age where legally he no longer needs to be in a booster/etc. I can't say much about installation because my husband always does it, however I do know its not the easiest thing in the world because he made sure after the first installation that I wasn't going to be moving it back and forth between vehicles alot. It is easy to clean though. The straps do get twisted but I haven't found a carseat where they don't - we're talking about a product that kids use here! They are super easy to untangle. The Britax safety and piece of mind is worth the extra money!


Arlington, VA


Great seat


This is a great seat that can grow with your child.  Obviously, the Britax quality and safety were factors in purchasing this car seat.  The LATCH system makes this seat very easy to install and the five point harness is easy to use as well.  For a seat that will grow with your child until 80 pounds, it's really not too bulky either.  The built-in cupholders are nice for sippy cups or for holding any number of things like fruit snacks or treats.  The arm rests are great too!   They make my daughter feel like a big girl.   While my daughter is only three and a half she's on the tall side so  I like that I can have her in a full car seat with a hight back rather than just a low booster seat with the seat belt.  This seat was well worth the money as it will be the last car seat that I have to buy.   I can't really say there is anything about this seat that I don't like other than I wish I had bought it sooner. 


Appleton, WI


Great seat


We recently upgraded to this seat for our 4 year old. She LOVES the cupholders and bigger area that she says is much more comfortable than the convertible she outgrew. I really like that the straps are easily adjustable and the main adjuster strap slides very easily and it is easy to tighten her in it. My only complaint with the seat so far is that it is VERY heavy and cumbersome to move around so we try to not move it from car to car if we can avoid it.


Aumsville, OR


britax frontier red rock booster carseat


not only does this carseat have a versital color for any child be it male or female. It is easy to install in your vehicle. In our family we love that it has 2 cup holders for our daughter, and she loves it also. britax has the highest safety ratings of any carseat out there that we have seen. also it has the highest growth of anycarseat on the market. This will be the last carseat you will have to buy.. 


Phoenix, AZ


Slightly disappointed in this seat overall ok.


I carefully reviewed the booster seats that had the five point harness system and could be converted later to just a high back booster.  At the time this seemed to be the best choice and it was recommended by consumer reports. This seat is very, very heavy and I do not recommend that you buy this if you intend on switching cars a lot.  It is not the easiest task to thread the seat-belt through the back of the seat (this seems to be the most secure way to install it).  It is very hard to hold on to the seat belt without it retracting and try to thread it at the same time.  The seat belt in my Ford Freestyle is barely long enough to go through the seat. I do like that the arm rests move up and down and that there are cup holders on each side that can retract into the seat if needed. The colors of the seat cover are nice but after about a year of use the cover has several pulls in the fabric from my daughters shoes.  I think if I were to do it again I would buy a graco nautilus seat instead.


Coraopolis, PA


Britax is the only way to go


I had a Britax as soon as my daughter was out of her infant seat.  It worked well for us for two years.  Then I had another baby.  Instead of buying another one that she would outgrow, I decided to pass down the Britax car seat and get this seat which would make her feel like a bigger girl since it is like a booster.  It said weight bottom range was 40 and she weighed 39, so I decided to get it.  She loves it.  She loves the cup holders and feels like a big girl in it.  She is much happier in the car now.  I wish it reclined a little more because she is sits up really straight, but she can still sleep in it without a problem.  These car seats are more expensive that other seats, but they are also much safer than most seats.  After reading review after review, I decided on this seat and haven't been sorry for a second.  Now every car seat in my car is Britax and always will be!  If you need a great car seat that lasts forever, is safe and testing for safe in crash tests....this is the car seat for you!


Mckinney, TX


The best and safest car seat for toddlers!!


I purchased this car seat for my son when he turned 2. This will be the last car seat I need to buy for him. It transforms into a booster when he is ready. It is sturdy, durable and safe! The only negative is it is a bit heavy and bulky when you need to take it out to transfer to another car. Overall, we love it!!


Pinckney, MI


Britax Frontier Booster Car Seat

4.7 60