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Infant Car Seats
Britax Companion Infant Car Seat

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You can't go wrong with a Britax!


We used this car seat for both of our kids. What sold me was the safety ratings for it and the side impact protection. We bought the Britax Preview so we could just snap it in the stroller and go. Using the Companion was pretty easy - we kept a base in both of our cars and it was always easy to get it in and out. The only issue we had with the seat is that it is HEAVY - even my husband complained about how heavy the car seat was. It's also a little bit bigger than the other brands (I assume due to the safety protection) which made it seem even bulkier at times. Overall, you can't go wrong with a Britax - once we were done with the Companion we went to the Roundabout.


Akron, OH


Easy and convienient


We love our Britax!! It was very easy to install the base, and then clicking in the seat and popping it back out is a snap, no fighting with the seat belt everytime. It also works with stroller frame, so in and out and about and back in is all a smoot transition. It is also very easy to remove the cover and keep it clean!


Fresno, CA


Fabulous and Safe!


We researched for weeks before settling on this particulr carseat for our newborn son. The safety ratings, style, and features were exactly what we were looking for! Overall, and excellent carseat, although it can be a pain to install. Mine wasn't that pricey, I caught it as it was being replaced by a new model.


Beaver, OH


Companion Infant Car Seat is Not as Durable as Other Britax


We purchased this infant car seat for our third son after being satisfied owners of two Britax Marathon seats.  After thorough research, we fell in love with the safety ratings and safety tests.  We wanted a car seat that could withstand side impacts and were willing to save and pay more money for a quality product.  There were features concerning this seat that we loved.  The head rest was plush and the seat easily adapted to our infant.  The base was a cinch to install.  As far as cons, there were quite a few.  At times, we had difficulty getting the seat to rock into the base and lock.  We found that although the carry handle was easy to grip, it was often awkward to position.  If we had the choice again, we would have selected another brand with a zig-zag shaped handle.  My son was tall for his age and we found his legs became cramped quickly.  By the end of 10 months, part of the harnessing strap broke.  We ended up transitioning him to a rear-facing Marathon seat.  While I appreciate Britax's high safety standard, I do not feel this seat met the quality standards I came to expect from their other products.  Should we have another child, I would purchase a different infant seat.




Britax Companion deserves 10 stars


I have one child.  She is 2 and a half years old and is the most important thing to myself and my husband.  When we found out we were having a baby I started doing research on EVERYTHING. The one thing at the top of my list was an infant car seat.  I was not going to run out and purchase the cutest thing at the local children's store without doing some major research afterall, her life was going to be in my hands.  So after hours of internet researching, talking with other moms, speaking to speciality store employees and even police officers, I decided on Britax Companion Infant Car Seat in Onyx.  The ratings were the best I could find.  In my search, I remember the only negetive thing I could find, was everyone complained about the weight of the seat.  I decided the weight that everyone else might complain about was perfect for me.  I figured while in the car a heavier car seat was going to be harder to move in the event of a car wreck.  Those lighter weight car seats would be flying around a lot quicker than my nice and heavy Britax Companion.  It did the job I needed.  I was incredibly happy with it and would recommend it (and do) to everyone.


Molino, FL


best carseat walking out of the hospital!


When we brought our new baby home in this car seat the nurse actually told us it was the safest looking carseat she had ever seen! With the adjustable head rest baby's little head is so safe and secure it is amazing! I loved this carseat and have kept it for future babies in our family.


Naples, FL


Britax Companion Car Seat is well worth the money.


My husband did a lot of research on car seats before our son was born in 2005. He was convinced that the Britax Companion infant car seat was the way to go. And he was right! We never had any issues with this product. We felt that it was the safest car seat available. It was easy to insert and remove from the base. The handle adjusted easily. The padding was soft and thick. In fact, our son preferred sleeping in the car seat for the first several months! All-in-all we felt it was worth the money we spent.


Toulon, IL


I returned this and exchanged it for a Graco.


I was insistent on getting this car seat and paid nearly double for the perception of additional safety.  After using it for a couple of months & dealing with the heaviness, we realized it was not securely attaching to the base.  Sometimes I couldn't get it to click into the base & other times I couldn't get it out of the base. At that point we began doing more research and found that there are numerous reports of similar problems with this brand.  I exchanged it for the brand I used for my first 4 children.


San Antonio, TX


Britax quality, you get what you pay for


I wasn't going to get a bucket seat this time around and was going to go straight to a convertible seat.  But as my due date approached and we didn't have the cash for the seat we planned on, we decided to buy the Companion used from a friend.  I liked that it worked as a travel system with the Britax Preview stroller which we already owned.   I don't use this option often, preferring to keep my baby with me in a sling.  However I have used the seat on the stroller a few times when he was sleeping and I didn't want to disturb him.  In general I try not to detach the seat from the base though.  It's heavy!  I know that's because of the quality materials it's made of though so I'm not going to complain.  The head cushion is well padded and the straps are secure as well as adjustable to keep a safe snug fit.  You adjust the straps using a ratchet system so it adjusts easily each time.  You can loosen it completely to get baby in comfortably then tighten by pulling the strap at the base to get a snug fit.  The anti-rebound bar is an important safety feature that other infant seats typically do not have.  You can purchase an additional base separately to keep in a second vehicle so as to only switch the seat between the two vehicles.


Fredericksburg, VA


Everyone said Britax was the safest and they were right.


We asked around a lot before buying our carseat and everyone we trusted said Britax was the best.  Then at the store, the salesperson basically said the same thing, even though other models were more expensive.  We've been very happy with it.  Our daughter doesn't really like being in her carseat, but then again a lot of babies don't.  She's not one to be confined (never liked being swaddled, etc.).  But as far as safety is concerned, we feel very confident about it.  If installed well, it basically won't move.  We've borrowed other carseats while travelling and just didn't feel as confident about them.  They didn't seem to fit as securely in the back seat and didn't have all the safety features of the Britax.  I really like the fact that the shade can detatch from the back and slide forward.  It makes it much easier for me to reach back there and soothe my daughter if necessary, especially since she is still rear-facing.  It is also good on hot days, because it allows the air to circulate through.


Los Angeles, CA


Britax Companion Infant Car Seat

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