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Britax Boulevard 70 Convertible Car Seat

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Britax Boulevard 70: A safe and smart choice!


I bought the Britax Boulevard 70 Convertible Car Seat for my toddler almost a year ago and have been very pleased with it from the beginning. I chose to buy this particular brand, because after shopping around, I found that the Britax brand is given some of the highest safety ratings in the convertible car seat market. Although a somewhat pricey investment, I felt that safety should come first when making a car seat purchase. My favorite features about this car seat are the easily adjustable straps (just push in a small lever towards the top front of the car seat to tighten and loosen), the plush and comfortable fabric, and the ease at which it installs. I am very pleased with my decision to buy this car seat and would recommend it to anyone. Ease of Installation Simple to install if you follow the directions Child's Comfort Plush fabric and padding makes for a very comfy seat Support and Safety I trust the Britax brand whole-heartedly in the safety category Ease of Use Easy to adjust straps and easy to get child in and out Design Designed with comfort and safety in mind - a winner! Durability Durable enough to handle the wear and tear brought on by a toddler.

Dublin, OH


Comfy Safety Bucket


We bought this car seat when my son was 3 month old and have been using since. Overall I will definitely recommend this car seat( most of my friends bought this after I recommended and they are really happy with it) Ease of Installation Installation is not easy but the process definitely gives some level of satisfaction that your child will be safe. (I installed it myself) Design only con: when installed in front facing you can not adjust the height which is bit of inconvenience but looking at the other features I will not mind taking the pain to reinstall it after adjusting height

Fremont, CA


Seems safe and secure


I researched several car seats when I switched my child from an infant car seat to a toddler car seat. Turns out, I could have gotten this seat in the very beginning, but you live and learn (and it WAS handy having a car seat that also snapped into a stroller, etc!) Anyway, I picked the Britax Boulevard Convertible Car Seat for its high safety ratings, the reputation of Britax and my perceived security of the product. So far, the seat has not disappointed. When we began using it (around 12mon) we had it rear-facing. The seat is gigantic and reclines in the rear-facing position. In the 4-door Grand-AM I had at the time it was very hard to fit it in the back seat. The passenger seat had to be moved almost all the way to the dashboard. Once it was front-facing, it was a little better, but it is still gigantic. The seat is pretty comfortable, the fabric is soft and the straps are pretty easy to snap and loosen, etc. I really like that you just turn a knob to raise and lower the shoulder straps. Installation is pretty easy if you have those anchors in your car. It's just kind of awkward getting it into the car due to the size. It is much easier to loosen and tighten the shoulder straps without the child in the seat, FYI. There is also a strap that runs from the top back of the seat and attaches to an anchor in the ceiling of the car. It provides the seat with extra stability, which I like. Two downsides in addition to the size are it is difficult to remove the cover and wash it and the price. You have to really memorize how you took it apart so you can put it back together! As far as price, I was willing to spend the extra money on something as important as a car seat. Not to mention, it should pretty much last until my child is old enough/ tall enough to be out of car seat because the weight limit is so high. Overall, I am really glad we got this seat! UPDATE: The high-density foam that covers the headrest cracked (my fault- nothing was wrong with the seat.) I called Britax customer service and the person who answered the phone was very friendly and knowledgeable. I had registered the seat when we first got it (I would HIGHLY recommend everyone do that!) and she was able to look it up in her system. She directed me on their website to the piece I needed to replace and even offered to order it for me, all while I was on the phone. Even though my warranty was expired, she said she could replace the piece for free as a one time courtesy. Within a few days, a brand-new replacement was delivered to my front door with no hassle. I was very pleased! Ease of Installation First time installation, as with most car seats I think, is tricky. Once it's in, I try not to mess with it much. It's definitely not a seat that you would want to purchase if you are consistently having to switch it between vehicles. The size alone makes that impractical.



I love my Britax Boulevard and am really happy with my purchase


After tons and tons of research, we finally purchase the Britax Boulevard Convertable car seat when my son was ready to move from his infant seat, and we have been really happy with our purchase so far.  (We've been using it for about 5 months - he is 17 months old now.)  I know that technically you are supposed to be able to use this seat for a new baby, but I was personally glad for the infant seat at first because this seat seems so big for a tiny baby.  When my son outgrew his infant seat, he easily transitioned into this one.  My husband did not have any trouble installing this seat in my Toyota Camry forward facing, but he did not try to install it rear facing.  The seat is nicely padded and my son seems comfortable in there.  The head protection up top is also nicely padded and acts as a nice place for my son to rest his head when he naps in the car.  One thing that would be nice, is a built in cup holder, now that my son would actually place his drink in one.  These seats are a bit pricey, but worth it in my opinion for the safety record. Child's Comfort My now 2 1/2 year old 42 inch 32 pound son is quite comfortable in this seat. I never have complaints about getting in the car seat, and while he doesn't nap as frequently as he used to, he can still nap in this seat if we happen to be on a long drive.

Chesapeake, VA


Britax Bouldvard - Great car seat unless child is rear-facing


The Boulevard CS is the latest convertible seat from Britax. This model can be used rear-facing for children 5 to 35 pounds, and front-facing for children above 1 year old and from 20 to 65 pounds. The maximum standing height limit is 49 inches. On their website, Britax lists seated shoulder height limits of 10.5? to 16? while rear-facing and 12?-16? front-facing. While similar to the Britax Marathon, the Boulevard CS also adds the innovative harness height adjustment system found in the standard Boulevard and Diplomat models. This allows parents to change the harness height to fit their child using a knob, even without removing the seat from the vehicle. However when teh seat is installed rear-facing, it is nearly impossible to reach the pull strap to tighten the securing straps that keep the child in the seat. So a car seat that we thought would be excellent until our child is two, actually will not be usable until our son is two.

Rochester, NY


Safest car seat on the market


This was a difficult decision for my husband and I when we were shopping for carseats.  Our budget didn't allow for a Britax, but we really wanted the best for our little girl.  After much research and deliberation, we decided to get the Britax after all and didn't regret it.  Thank goodness we've never had to test the durability of it in a crash, but we are amazed when handling other kids' car seats how flimsy they feel compared to ours.  It fits sturdily in the back seat and has a soft cushion for our child to sit on.  You wouldn't believe how uncomfortable some of the other seats out there are.  I swear the kid's basically sitting on the hard plastic shell with nothing but a piece of cloth in between.  But the Britax did it right.  It's more expensive for sure, but you get the peace of mind knowing that your child is in the best possible restraints in the event of a crash.  That really should be top priority.

Silverton, OR


Worth the Extra Money for the Piece of Mind


This is a great carseat for babies once they are too big to carry around in their infant car seat. Supposedly babies 5 lbs. and up can ride in this, but I wouldn't put an infant in it because there is no handle to carry it around with. I bought this when my son was 9 months old and seemed uncomfortable in his cosco infant car seat. I thought he just didn't like car seats, but the first time he rode in the Britax seat, he was instantly relaxed and comfy. The seat itself is pretty heavy so is best as a primary car seat. If you plan to swap cars often either have a backup or be prepared to lug this big guy around. Ease of Installation It's not difficult to figure out what goes where, it just takes time to get everything adjusted properly. I've been swapping this seat between vehicles a few times per month since I bought it a year ago and can usually uninstall and reinstall in 10 minutes or less. Support and Safety This seat has side impact cushions which help support the child's head in a collision. Design I'm only deducting a bubble because the sides of the seat do not allow for attachments.

Snohomish, WA


Best Car Seat


When my son was six months old, we decided it was time to replace his infant carrier with a convertible car seat since he was getting very tall and outgrowing the infant carrier very quicky. We did a lot of research and decided we definitely wanted to buy the Britax brand because of the high quality and safety features. We decided on the Boulevard because of the size and comfort features it offered. The change from the infant carrier to the convertible seat was almost seamless. Our son was completely comfortable in the Boulevard and still is (he is now almost 2). I will definitely buy Britax again if we have any more children. We have also purchased the Britax Diplomat for my husband's car and it has also been very comfortable for our son. I really love this brand and would recommend to anyone in the market for a car seat.

Goose Creek, SC


pricey but the best for safety,


i got trhgis britax car seat convertible 70 cs in onynx a month back,as soon as it arrived i took it and fixed it immediately in the car,it was very easy to fix it,did not take more than 10 mins,forward facing bcoz my baby has passed the rear facing age,it looks soo sturdy,safe,my baby sat in it and he was soo happy when he sat in it bcoz he was soo comfortable and he was forward facing,he felt sleepy during the ride and he very comfortably slept on the padded arms ,the padded sides are soo sturdy and comfy too,he had good amount of space and sat in the britax like a little champ,i love this seat and wuld recommend everymom who gives most priority for safety and doesnt care about being pricey to choose this one,its a great seat,its made in u.s.a. and is well built,it has 10 years expiration date which is gud if u plan for more kids or can give it to anyone who needs it after ur done with it.

Randolph, MA


Britax Blvd: Great USAmade carseat with the assurance of safety.


After researching car seats, I purchased the Britax Boulevard car seat for my daughter. The website indicated that it was an American made product (with some foreign components) and I had received numerous glowing reviews for the company from other moms. Britax has always been high rated for safety, which is my number one priority. Upon receiving the car seat, I was most impressed with how sturdy it felt, compared to cheaper, well known brands of car seats. Though heavy and very large, it has fit just fine in our cross-over SUV. It was easy enough to install and I love that you do not have to take the car seat out and re-tether the straps in order to adjust their height (one of my favorite features!). The car seat allows the child to sit higher up and have great visibility, which has helped with my child's fussiness in the car. I only have two complaints: the seat itself is in a more upright position than other car seats I looked at, making it less comfortable for longer trips as it appears to be less comfortable/less relaxing for sleeping. The other complaint is that it doesn't have a cup holder! I have seen newer models of Britax car seats with options to add a cup holder, but if having a cup holder is important to you, make sure you purchase a Britax with the option to have the cup holder.  Ease of Installation It was easy to install in our cross-over SUV and while large, I don't see it as being difficult (or at least any more difficult than other brands) to install in smaller vehicles. Child's Comfort My daughter seems comfortable in this car seat, but it is more upright than other brands that are reclined a bit. Design I wish it had a cup holder and a more reclined position. Durability We've had this carseat for over a year now and it's held up incredibly well!

Santa Clarita, CA


Britax Boulevard 70 Convertible Car Seat

4.7 266