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Britax Blink Stroller

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Didn't last


This stroller worked well while it worked, but something failed early-on and the stroller stopped unfolding correctly. Ugh! Britax did replace the stroller for us with a B-Nimble, and we have been much happier with that model.

Corning, NY


I love this umbrella stroller!!


I wasn't sure about this stroller at first because the price is a bit steep. However, I have a Britax car seat and absolutely love it so I decided to take the plunge and get this stroller. I haven't regret it! It's wonderful!! It rides smoothly, folds quickly, and the is easy to push. I love the gender neutral color as well. I bought this to replace my regular stoller that the infant seats pops into. I have a jogging stroller as well. This fits nicely into my trunk and takes up very little space. It's easy to open and close. There's a break which is nice too. The buckle is easy to use. My only complaint is that you need both hands to recline the seat. A fairly minimal complaint but it would be nice if it was easier to adjust the seat. My husband is very tall and this is a nice height for him and doesn't mind pushing it. I know with a lot of other umbrella strollers the handles are low and after a long time pushing it can cause some back pain.

Damascus, OR


Nice stroller!!


We purchsed this stroller for our 2 year old daughter.  I did not want just a cheap umbrella stroller but was sick of my huge stroller I had.  I also did not want to spend hundreds on a stroller since she is our last child to be born. This was perfect size and perfect price!!!  It is nice and roomy**ut yet small enough to fold and put in front of her seat in my car.** My daughter loves that she can prop up the foot part and have her feet up.  In fact she always has it up.  I love that it has a basket underneath.  You cannot get to the basket with the seat reclined however. The zipper pocket in back is perfect for a camera, keys, wallet or anything small.  Like the previous poster stated...I too had trouble with canopy and mine is lopsided as well.  The material wipes clean with a damp cloth.  I love that it is higher than most umbrella strollers.  It is much easier on the back for me and my husband on long walks or outings.  I would recommend this stroller.

Fort Belvoir, VA


Britax Blink is a great travel stroller


We found the Britax Blink to be a great stroller for when we travel. The Britax Blink folds up nicely and has a shoulder strap for easy carrying. I like that it is a one-hand fold and that I don't need to work with something metal to open and close it. You use the carrying strap to release the lock and then step on the pedal to fold it. It clips by itself and then you just take it wherever you are going. The sun cover is decent for a travel stroller, but nothing compared to my full size jogging stroller, so that took some getting used to. We also had an issue with the sun cover bending and I can't seem to get it right again. It still works, but is a little lopsided. I also really like that this stroller holds a child larger than 30 pounds so we can use it past the first 2 years. My husband is tall and the kids end up being on the larger side, so this is a must for us. Another nice feature is the leg rest. It folds out straight for when the legs are so long that they need or want to hang down and then folds down so the legs don't sit in an odd position later.

Opelika, AL


Great light weight stroller


I got this stroller for my daughter when we were taking a trip back home to NY. We were going to be doing a lot of walking around in NYC and visiting friends and family by traveling by train or bus. I wanted a stroller that was lightweight but big enough to fit my 3 yr old.  After reading other reviews on the website I ordered it from, I had to have it. I loved the print (there are 5 to choose from), the back storage was big enough for me to stick in my trinkets I've bought while out, she thought it was comfortable, and I loved that it had a 5 pt harness. I think my favorite feature of this stroller is the fact I can close it with my foot! I have tendonitis in my wrist so its hard for me to close regular strollers. With this stroller all you do is pull the carrying strap up and then with your foot press a lever down and it makes it collapse. I told my sister about this stroller and she went out and bought the same print I have and she loves it for my niece.  

Clayton, NC


Britax Blink Stroller

4.2 5