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Convertible Car Seats
Britax Advocate

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Easy to install


First time owning a convertible car seat. Easy to install and adjust. The straps don't twist up like my infant carrier. It is heavy because of reinforced steel. I need that extra protection because my car is tiny.


Columba, SC


Great Convertible Car seat!


We transitioned my daughter to this seat froma Chicco Keyfit. She immediately seemed more comfortable in the car. This is a large seat with all of the cushioning but I know my little one is safe and secure. Ease of Installation I have a difficult time connecting the latch clips but my husband assures me it's not too difficult. We haven't used the rear tether as we don't have a good anchor point in our current vehicle. Child's Comfort This seat is perfect for longer car trips. My daughter always falls asleep if it's close to nap time. Ease of Use The straps are easy to adjust and the buckle is not difficult to use.


Indianapolis, IN


Safe and secure car seat with comfort.


We bought this seat for my son a few months ago. We were not happy with our current seat so we decided to upgraded. We have been very pleased with it. It seems much more safe and secure than the other seat we were using. The harness clicks when it has been tightened enough. This is a great feature and comes in handy when grandparents and other caregivers may be using the car seat. Most people do not tighten the straps enough and this feature makes it foolproof. This seat is quite bulky so I would not recommend it for a smaller car. The seat goes up to 40 lbs. and 49 in. rear facing and 70 lbs. forward facing. Our toddler will be able to use this seat for a long time and safely rear face until 3-4 years old. Ease of Installation I had to take this seat to be installed by a certified car seat technician. We had previously owned Graco convertible seats and the installation is much different. I would definitely recommend having a technician help you with installation. We position our car seat in the middle of the seat which require us to use the seat belt for installation. Britax uses a seat belt lock off which is quite different than what I was used to. Now that I know how to properly install it, I don't think it would be as difficult should I have to move the seat. Child's Comfort This seat seems soft with lots of cushion. My son's head has never fallen forward while asleep in this ca seat. There is not a lot of leg room in this car seat while rear facing. My son doesn't seem to mind, but that might be a concern for some people. Support and Safety I feel very confident that this is one of the safest seats on the market today. It has side impact cushioning which is very difficult to find in a car seat. The base of this seat is rubber which works really well with leather seats. Our previous seat had a plastic base and it was hard to get a secure installation. Ease of Use The straps function a little bit differently than the convertible seats I had been used to. Now that I have gotten used to them they are easy to use.




Britax Advocate

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