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Convertible Car Seats
Britax Advocate CS Convertible Car Seat

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Best Out There


I love this caseat! I researched a TON before buying a car seat for my second daughter (we own another Britax for the oldest) and I found that it really was the safest on the market. It is easy to use and I find that it adjusts very well to height. I would buy it again in a heartbeat.




Great carseat that will last a long time!


We got two of these carseats; one for each car.  They are outstanding and my daughter rode an entire cross-country road trip in one.  I love that it rear face tethers and is easy to put in and out.  We actually have one installed in our VW Beetle and there is enough room for it to fit. The carseat itself looks super comfty and my daughter always enjoys riding in it.  The only thing that is a little tricky is taking it apart to wash all of the fabric pieces but usually it can be assembled back together fairly quickly.  The safety ratings are stellar, so I feel the price was definitely worth it. The colors are cute and I like that you can also buy replacement if you have a boy next the same carseat can still be used. I also love the fact that this carseat can be used from birth and we in fact drove our daughter home from the hospital in this seat.  It is one seat that can be used throughout her entire carseat years, which also makes it worth the money!


San Diego, CA


britax advocate cs convertible carseat opus gray


We got this carseat for my oldest in late 2009 pretty much right after it came on the market. It is a big carseat. Bigger than other carseats I see in the stores. I was concerned it wouldn't fit in my car, Toyota Corolla. It does. I had it rear-facing at first. Now my child is 3 years old and 31 lbs, and 35 inches. It fits him fine still. I won't have to worry about a new carseat till next year when we go look for a booster seat, when he is 4. It is very soft, cushiony and soft to touch fabric. I like that it can be adjusted as he gets taller from the sides without having to uninstall and rethreading the whole carseat harness each time. That would have been a real hassle. The reason I gave it 4 out of 5 stars instead of 5 is because of the harness. It is hard to work with. Sometimes I get it right but it gets stuck and takes some manuevering to get it on him right sometimes. Overall it is a great carseat and I would buy it again.


Chula Vista, CA


Britax Advocate CS Convertible is a great carseat!


I love the Britax Advocate CS Convertible car seat. I really like the opus gray style that we picked. I've heard many people say that any car seat installed correctly (and not broken) is just as safe as the next, but I really think Britax car seats seam safer. They are much heavier which makes me think that they are made with better plastic and whatever else is inside the car seat. The Advocate CS is the only one with Side Impact Cushions. I think that makes them at least somewhat safer even than the other Britax models. It was really easy to install this carseat. I don't have the latch system in my car so I'm not sure if that way is as easy, but I would assume so. I read through the manual and then installed it (forward facing) in the car. The actual installation took me probably 10 minutes. I love that there are locks to hold the seat belt in place. We don't have seat belts that can lock, so this feature makes me feel that my children are safer in this carseat. Getting the locks to lock the seat belt was actually the hardest part about installing the car seat for me. Other features that I love are that you don't have to take apart the seat to adjust the height. You just have to pull the top up, which is so easy and fast. I didn't take all the covering off, but I did look at how it's done and it seems to be really easy and quick.I don't think you'd even have to take the seat out of the car. I also like that there's a pocket under the seat pad for the user manual. It's easy to adjust the tightness of the straps, which is especially great when you have children of different sizes riding in the same car seat. The only problem with this carseat is that it is really expensive. I really do love this car seat and recommend it to anyone who needs a carseat.


Auburn, WA


Britax is the best in safety


The first and foremost reason that my husband and I purchased the Britax Advocate was because of safety ratings. We love our kids and in the case of a side collision or any accident, I want to be as ready as possible. The seat is big, but it is comfortable for the little ones and adjusts very easily. The straps and head rest are extremely easy to adjust. At first, it was hard to figure out how to install it because it had the latch option and the seatbelt option or both. Our vehicle did not have the latch system so we had to do just the seat belt option because there was not a tether in the back either. The non slip grip on the bottom helps in the sturdyness of the seat, it doesn't move around that much. I think if we had a vehicle with the latch system this would feel even more secure, but I feel great that we have a Britax for our kids. It can be a pain sometimes to take off the cover to wash it, but this is highly recommended.


Ardmore, OK


Britax Advocate CS Convertible Car Seat - Onyx


We really like this car seat. We knew Britax was the best of the best when it came to car seats, but we really liked the click and safe feature that this one offers. The car seat lets you know when your child is snug and sage in the seat. It makes a "click" sound. We also like how easy it was to install. And, if you have any questions, you can readily check their website for videos on how to install it. It's really comfortable too for the child. It secures her well. One con would be that  sometimes if the straps are stuck (behind the seat), when you pull the strap to tighten the seat, it will click. You have to straighten out the straps because the child is not secure and then pull on the strap to tighten again. Another con would be the price. But, when it came to our child's  safety, I am willing to pay what it will take to keep her safe. Another con would be the large base, but again, if that's how it has to be to keep her safe, I'm all for it! Great overall seat and would recommend it.


Madison, WI


i've never had a child injured or killed in a Britax


Normally I am always looking for the great deal, but my wife is a world-renowned pediatric nurse so there are times when her experience in how to save small lives trumps my cheapedness. Buying a car seat is one of those times. Our Britax Advocate is comfortable and, according to any measurement you care to use, secures our youngest child. It secured our oldest child, too, but she's now in a different seat. Don't worry, it's still a Britax.... when she rides with her mother; I have a Graco in my truck and drive extra carefully so I don't have to test its security (fingers and toes crossed). The padding does seem like it has flattened out some since our oldest was in it, but the baby doesn't like any kind of car seat so I wouldnt guess that it is UNcomfortable now, just maybe less comfortable than it was as a new product. She's only in it for another few months, though, so I think it's safe to say that this seat made it through two children over the course of four years.


Woodstock, GA


Would highly recommend!


We were trying to move our daughter from her infant seat into a larger car seat, so I started researching to find a safe car seat. After much research I found that Britax was hands down the best safety rated seats on the market. So I definitely knew this was the brand that I wanted as Safety is #1 in my book. We purchased the seat and used it as a rear facing seat for over a year and just recently turned it around as a front facing seat. We have been impressed with all the features of this particular seat. The head rest can be adjusted with just a turn dial as your child gets taller and you do not have to take the belts out to adjust. Also, the safety belt can be adjusted really easy and clicks into place when the belt is tight enough against your childs chest, so there's no guessing. The side impact feature does make the car seat wider, so if you have multiple car seats you might want to measure everything first. All in all I would definitely recommend this car seat to anyone! I cannot say enough good things about it.


Whiteland, IN


The Britax Advocate is worth the extra money!


It is true that Britax carseats are more expensive than most carseats, but the safety of these carseats makes it well worth it.  Just go to the Britax website and read about their carseats and you will understand why I believe them to be the safest carseats out there!  The Britax Advocate is quite large, but it is sturdy and my kid seems very comfortable in it.  I have it rear facing right now and will move it to forward facing once my child is tall enough.  The click system can be a bit tricky, but it's not impossible by any means.  The carseat straps have to be pulled quite tight for the carseat to click, but it's possible.  Sometimes I do worry that it's too tight though.  I don't want it to hurt my son's shoulders or chest.  For the most part, he seems completely fine with it. One feature I love is the velcro that holds the straps back for you when taking your kid out of or putting your kid in the carseat.  They are very convenient and work great!   Pay the extra and keep your child safe.  My child's safety is priceless!!


Jacksonville, NC


Britax Advocate CS Convertible Car Seat is affordable.


We use this car seat with our children, and it works just fine.  Ilove the fact that installs in the vehicle very easily.  Actually it installs easily in both of the vehicles that we have depneding on which one we are driving for that outting.  Also, I like that if one of my kids spills something in it or gets sick on it, which has happened a couple of times we can remove the cloth part and it is machine washable.  i like that very much, because then I don't have to worry about the smell staying in the car, and the fabric is very absorbent so, it doesn't leak out on my seats. This car seat is very affordable, and it is convertible as the child grows.  It also goes nicely with the interior of my vehicles so I don't have to worry if it is made for boys or for girls.  It works great for both.  I would most assuredly recommend this car seat to my friends.  I love how safe it is and how easily it comes in and out without a hassle.


Baytown, TX


Britax Advocate CS Convertible Car Seat

4.8 19