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Brinks Combination Switch/Digital Timer 46-1012

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The Brinks Switch/Timer Has Many Options


The Brinks Combination Switch/Digital timer is a reliable option for homeowners who don't want to worry about remembering to turn on and off exterior lights. It replaces both 1-way and 3-way switches and can control incandescent, flood, and rapid-start flourescent lighting. This switch allows you to program up to six individual on/off times a day. The manual override button doesn't require you to reprogram your settings when used. It also features a battery backup, low battery indicator, and a flip cover that protects programming buttons from accidental bumps and little fingers. I am not very handy but was able to successfully install the unit by following the enclosed directions, and I did not need to buy a separate switch plate. Setting the clock and programming the on/off times requires several steps. Because I reset the times/clocks for daylight savings time and longer/shorter days, I have needed to keep the directions handy. This has been a reliable unit and I would recommend it to friends and family.

Vancouver, WA


Brinks Combination Switch/Digital Timer 46-1012

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