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Brinkmann Portico Collection Gas Grill 810-3260-SB

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Grills great, not bad for price.


This grill has been great for my family. We bought this grill a few years back when our old grill that we had for 10 years decided it was going to die on us. This grill was in our price range and I really liked the way that it looked so I decided to give it a shot. The grill was pretty easy to put together, just follow the directions very closely as I put some stuff on backwards at first. The look of the grill when it is put together was probably my favorite part, I love the way it looks and am always getting asked where I bought it and that it is so awesome looking. The grill size is a big plus, we have a very small backyard and this grill is very small and takes up little space so it did not interfere with my kids play space. The grill always is very constant with cooking our food. I know things are going to turn out right and it does not flame up very much, it cooks the food very evenly throughout the whole surface. Cleaning this grill is very easy to do. It holds up very well in the nasty weather around here through wind, rain, snow, ice, you name it and it has help up very well. We love this grill and highly recommend it to others,



Great grill put poorly built.


This grill was great and got it for my husband at a great price. The only thing we didn't like was that on the back of the stand there wasn't a piece required so it made the whole grill flimsy and wobble. Performance Cooks food perfect every time. Even cooking surfaces Design no back piece on stand made it seem flimsy and wobbled a lot.



Love my Brinkmann


We have had our Brinkmann Stainless Steel Grill for over 8 years and we are still using it. We do a lot of grilling since we live here in SC and the weather is almost always good. We might have to replace the burner this year, but other than that, it has served us well. I would buy another Brinkmann in a heartbeat and if we cannot find a burner for this grill, that is exactly what we will do. Up until 2 years ago, I did all the cooking and my husband did all the grilling. I became extremely busy with several projects 2 years ago and my husband decided to do all the cooking since he had more time on his hands than I did. He decided that almost everything that we ate was going to be cooked on the grill. I have to say, that some of the things I never would have thought of putting on there, like corn and potatoes and other veggies, but they turned out excellent. I am so glad we have this grill, it has allowed my husband to become very creative. He watches all the cooking shows, so it's always a surprise when supper time comes.



Brinkmann Portico Collection Gas Grill 810-3260-SB

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