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Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker & Grill

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Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker


I bought this for my husband to use for smoking meat and he has after a few uses gotten used to how to use it. We use it all year round and when you put hickory wood in the bottom it gives your meat a nice flavor. I will say that it wasn't the most expensive so I probably could have gotten one with a few more specials, but this one works fine for us. Performance It does what we want for our meat and gives us a nice result. As long as you take care of it like anything it will last a long time. Versatility Its rounded, so a little odd to move, but not really a problem. It takes up less space than a grill and smells quite nice when going. Ease of Use It has a little door on the side where you put the wood and you just need to make sure you have it closed. When cooking never open the top unless its done as all the heat goes out, instead when making sure its still has wood, use the little side door. Ease of Cleaning Again if taken care of not any worse to clean than a grill. Durability Its a solid piece and very durable. Design Only thing I find is its shape makes it a little harder to move. Otherwise saves space.

Lincoln, NE


Great inexpensive smoker, good quality


This grill is great for the occasional smoker.  It is electric so there is not a lot to maintain while smoking.  Dont use an extension cord  because it limits power to the 1500 watt heating element.  For longer cooking 6-8 hours, use water soaked wood chunks, and the results will be outstanding.  Easy to put together in just about 30 minutes.  Easy setup.

Gadsden, AL


Great for a small family


My husband and I bought one of these about a year ago. It has worked great for us. We have done everything from grill hamburgers to smoking ribs. We have not had any problems with the grill it was easy to assemble and clean up is a breeze. The only con is that you can only cook a few hamburgers at a time. This is not the grill for you if you need to feed a lot of people.

Kingston Springs, TN


Brinkmann Electric Smoker--if you like to grill, you must have.


When I left US to work and live in a foreign country, I bought my second Brinkmann grill and gave my sister my first one.  The first one I had used for 10+ years; and have the new one only 5. I smokes meat in a reaonsable amount of time and makes even the toughest cut, fork tender.  My grandson used mine to make jerky, and now I can't get him away from it. If you buy only 1 smoker, it should be this one. It can also be used as an electric grill; but I use it more as a smoker.

Miami, FL


Avoid it for real smoking.


The heat in this thing is too hot for decent smoking.  I do salmon often and like it smoked slowly for many hours.  This smoker is merely a grill that you can produce some smoke flavor with.  I removed the electric coil and replaced it with an electric hotplate and a cast iron frying pan with wood chips.  I can controll the heat and smoke much better that way.  I'd opt for a purely mechanical non-electric one next time.

Farmington, NH


Rain or shine, it's grilling time!


As a previous owner of a charcoal grill I was a little sceptical about purchasing an electric one.  I purchased our Brinkmann Electric Smoker last year and simply love it.  It was easy to put together.  I keep the grill under our carport.  I can grill year round, no matter what the weather is like.  I've smoked fish, chicken, ribs, goose.  Grilled steaks, chops, burgers.  Fixed beer butt chicken (with the domed lid it's tall enough for the chicken to stand up.) Everything has turned out great. 

Anderson, SC


Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker & Grill

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