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Brinkmann All-In-One Gas & Charcoal Single-Burner Smoker, Grill, & Fryer

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Great grill for the novice smoker. I use it for canning too!


So easy to use. We grill 5 times a week. So versatile, I grill, can, deep fry and smoke foods. I canned all summer long while using this smoker. We also smoked chicken and ribs. We used it as a deep fryer and fried some great fish. So many purposes. It's a great smoker for someone who wants to start easy and small. So happy I purchased this product. For an extra, purchase the Brinkmanship book, great smoking tips and wonderful recipes. I would recommend this product as a very good purchase. Versatility Can use this grill for so many things, grilling smoking, deep frying, canning. So easy to use. Ease of Use Very easy to use and understand each grill section. Ease of Cleaning Easy clean, like most grills. Durability So far so good but I've heard that it doesn't hold up to other smokers. Design So easy to use! The design and all the moving parts are so easy to use.

Burnsville, MN


Good grill but customer service not helpful


We bought a Brinkman 5 burner gas grill with a side burner and a searer. The grill and side burner work fine but we can't use the searer. We called Brinkman and the part is on backorder, so we won't have it for over 6wks. While the searer isn't essential, it is disappointing that we are not able to use every feature of the grill.

Tallahassee, FL


The Brinkmann Grill is great we grill out almost every night.


The Brinkmann Grill is wonderful. We bought it in the spring and have used at least 3 least times a week. We have grilled everything from hamburgers to baked beans on the sideburner. We just love the fact it is very useful to us. It's stainless steel coloered look makes it not so bland. We the grill right outside the back door and have had a party and dragged it out to the fire pit to join the group there. The grates are a little difficulty to clean sometimes, but that's okay. We plan on having this Brinkmann grill for a very long time. This addition is wonderful to my cooking items. It's nice to grill outside and enjoy the outdoors at the same time. Something else about this grill is it is easy to take things apart that are removeable to clean. I like the idea that drippings from the grilled food has a dripping catcher so they don't all fall on the ground. My kids even want to cook on the grill, but we have to remind them it is too dangerous.

Oblong, IL


I use my Brinkmann Charcoal All-in-One grill appr 3 x/wk!


My husband bought me this Brinkmann Charcoal All-in-One grill as an anniversay present approximatley 5 years ago and we use it approximately 3 times per week during the summer and occassionally during the winter.  The Smoke Cooking Receipe Book is also helpful with meals for entertaining guest with great meals.

Kansas City, MO


Brinkmann All-In-One Gas & Charcoal Single-Burner Smoker, Grill, & Fryer

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